Global Warming and the Ways of Countering it for Pakistan


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Pakistan is one of the most affected countries by rapidly surging global warming. Soaring water crisis, climate-induced health risks, the recession of glaciers, and food insecurity are the indicators of global warming in the country. However, practical and timely measures, including reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, introducing low-carbon technologies, and decreasing gasoline use, can help Pakistan curb the menace of global warming.

  • Current Situation of Global Warming in Pakistan
  • Strategies to Overcome Global Warming in Pakistan
  1. Reducing greenhouse gas emission and enhancing carbon sinks
  2. Low-carbon energy technologies: renewable energy
  3. Reduction in the use of gasoline and hydrocarbons in the transport sector
  4. Implementation of 3R strategy: reduce, reuse and recycle
  5. Upholding recommendations of SDGs and Paris Agreement for global warming
  • Critical analysis
  • Conclusion


Pakistan is one of the most affected countries in the world concerning climate change. During the last decade, she has been facing a severe crisis of global warming. Annually repeated flood cycles, heat waves, water crises, and other problems, including environmental, social, and economic issues, are the indicators of global warming. Unfortunately, the situation is getting worse with time. However, the current issue of global warming in Pakistan can be dealt with by taking proper steps and measures by the government and civil society of the country. Furthermore, curbing global warming demands a decrease in the emission of greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Enhancing energy efficiency and introducing low-carbon technologies can further help in mitigating global warming in the country. This answer comprehensively discusses the strategies to curb global warming in Pakistan.

Current Situation of Global Warming in Pakistan

Pakistan is currently on the hit list of the menace of global warming. The socio-economic growth of the country faces severe challenges. A German think tank – Germanwatch – has ranked Pakistan eighth in the list of most vulnerable countries to climate change and global warming in the world this year. Since 2010, Pakistan has been witnessing floods on an annual basis. In addition, Pakistan is frequently hit by heat waves, cold waves, and cloud burst induced local area flooding. As a result, the phenomenon of climate refugees has increased in Pakistan, which has created demographic imbalance and mounting population pressure on the resources of urban centres. The events of flooding and drought have crippled the economy of the country. Flooding has made more than ten million people displaced and lost about two billion dollars in the country’s agriculture sector. Thus, the country is undergoing a serious crisis of climate change and global warming.

Strategies to Overcome Global Warming in Pakistan

Pragmatic policy measures are mandatory to overcome ever-increasing global warming in Pakistan. Undoubtedly, to have sustainable growth is to have environmental security. Therefore, it is a need of an hour to devise effective strategies against environmental degradation at the hands of global warming. To begin with, Pakistan needs to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, nitrogenous oxides, oxides of sulphur, atmospheric methane, and water vapours, into the atmosphere. Furthermore, these emissions can also be controlled by enhancing carbon sinks: plants and trees. In addition, adopting low-carbon technologies is another solution to the problem of global warming in Pakistan. For instance, the energy sector produces approximately 37.5 percent of the total carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere. Pakistan has huge potential for renewable energy resources – wind, solar, thermal, hydroelectric, and nuclear energy – which can be harnessed to meet the country’s energy demands with the least carbon emission. Besides this, reducing the use of gasoline and hydrocarbons may result in reducing global warming. Furthermore, it is believed that the transport sector is responsible for twenty percent of global carbon emissions. Therefore, introducing hybrid technologies and an energy-efficient transportation system, with the help of media-based awareness programs, can play a vital role in curbing global warming in Pakistan. Furthermore, the implementation of the 3R strategy – reduce, reuse, and recycle – has a high potential to stop environmental degradation and global warming. Finally, Pakistan needs to carry out proper legislation to maintain global warming to 1.5 degrees centigrade, recommended in the thirteenth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 13) of the United Nations and 2015 Paris Climate Accords. Thus, Pakistan can act against global warming by taking wise and adequate steps.

Critical Analysis

Pakistan is facing the problem of global warming. Moreover, unlike developed economies, the issue of global warming remained the least important for the successive governments in the country. However, environmental security has become an integral part of national security with the changing dynamics of global politics in the twenty-first century. The current government, in this regard, has started various projects, including the clean and green Pakistan initiative and a ten billion tree plantation drive across the country, which resulted in the demotion of Pakistan from fifth to eighth most vulnerable country to climate change by Germanwatch in 2021. Furthermore, the country has been bestowed by diverse topography that can help in curbing global warming. Water streams in mountainous regions of the North can be used to generate hydroelectric power; whereas, plain areas can provide a framework for the generation of wind and solar energy. Nevertheless, the southern border with the Arabian Sea has huge potential to generate tidal energy to meet the country’s energy demand. Thus, Pakistan can easily curb the menace of global warming by curbing the emission of greenhouse gases.


In short, global warming is posing challenges to Pakistan. The monster of global warming has caused huge social and economic losses to the country. Due to increased global warming, the country is facing a water crisis, increased health issues, intensive heat and cold waves, rapid flooding, unprecedented cloud bursts, and unpredictable decline in the country’s agricultural production. However, the crisis of global warming in Pakistan can be minimized. This requires pragmatic policymaking and execution. Reduction in emission of greenhouse gases, increasing carbon sinks by intensive forestation, and improving energy efficiency around the country can have fruitful results in controlling global warming. Besides this, the country’s commitment to international agreements regarding global warming also plays a vital role in curbing it. Therefore, Pakistan can cope up with the menace of global warming by taking practical and rational measures, as discussed in this answer.

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