These 4 Hair Oils Cure Hair Problems | The Best Hair Oils in Pakistan You Must Start Using

Written by Afroze Gul (Nutritionist)

All of us, especially girls, have been worried about hair health to some extent. Some want them to strengthen; some want to give them a length; some wish them to regrow; some face itchy scalp issue; some are sick of dandruff; some complain about split ends; some always search how to get rid of weak hair. From coconut and argon oil to almond oil and from medicated hair oil to herbal ones, the market is filled with nearly 481 kinds of hair oils. The truth is, when it comes to hair care, oils are having their moment. But with so many different oils out there and benefits for each, how do you know which to choose? Let’s come with me and have a dive deep into the world of hair oils, outlining how certain oils can combat dryness, weak hair, hair growth, hair colour, hair fall, itchy scalp, split ends, frizziness, and even dandruff. Read on to learn about the five most beneficial hair oils in Pakistan that can fix your hair problems.

The advent of various chemical formulas in food, nutrition, skincare, and haircare has benefitted some but harmed many. Improper nutritional values in one’s diet disturb one’s physical and mental health both. Let’s be direct, and talk about some real hair problem solutions. Every other person on this planet seems to talk about hair problems like hair fall, dry scalp, hair breakage, grey hair, dandruff, split ends, lost shine, and whatnot. We need to realise that like our body needs care and attention, so does our hair. Like the human brain requires food to function, our hair also needs diet to remain alive, and its main ingredient is hair oil. However, there is a gazillion of varieties which makes one confused about which one to choose. To solve all your worries, I am here to share top-notch hair oils listing their pros and cons to make it easier for you to decide. From Argon to castor and from international to national, we will talk about the top 4 best hair oils for healthy and lustrous hair strands.

4# Olaplex (No. 7 Bonding Oil)

Olaplex is known for its haircare magic. Olaplex No. 7 bonding oil is light reparative hair styling oil that can be applied on damp or dry hair both. Little goes a long way. It comes in a 30 ml bottle and shows immediate results. Once applied, it protects the hair from UV radiation and provides quick shine and life to your hair. It controls frizz and gives a revamped look to hair. Whenever any of my patients wish to have instant shiny hair, I recommend this hair oil.


Free of DEA, Aldehydes and Formaldehyde.
A highly-concentrated, weightless reparative styling oil.
》It just provides a protective layer on your hair, doesn’t repair and nourish the roots.
》 Comes in only 30 ml bottle
》 Once you wash it off, your hair get back to zero again.
》 It just helps in styling your hair.

Readily available at any good cosmetic store in Pakistan.

My Clients’ Satisfaction: 73%

Price: $ 28 (almost Rs. 4300 – PKR)
Order Now

3# Loreal Paris Hair Oil

Loreal Paris has recently launched its Evive product range that aims to tame frizzy and dry hair. It is basically a leave-in treatment to transform dull and dry hair and provide ultra shine and life to your hair. It has infused flower oils that work to revamp your hair structure and provide immensely bouncy and shiny hair after its first wash. More importantly, it costs only $7 (Almost Rs. 1100). Whenever any of my patients wish to have instant shiny hair, I recommend this hair oil.


》 It is a leave-in treatment, doesn’t really work well for the roots.
》 It works best with its oil serum treatment, shampoo, and conditioner. It collectively costs around more than Rs. 3500 which is on the pricier side again.
》 Not available everywhere in Pakistan, except in big cities.
》 Provides short time results, only.
Readily available at any good cosmetic store in Pakistan.

My Clients’ Satisfaction: 79%

Price: $ 7 (almost Rs. 1,100- PKR)
Order Now

2# Ouai  Hair Oil

The Ouai hair oil is generally known to be celebrities’ haircare line, for they use it. It is known for its frizz control and as a sealant to split ends. It provides glossy hair and gives a new life to your hair. It removes the coarseness of one’s hair and provides an extra smooth finish upon wash. Once you start using it becomes a staple in your haircare routine. It costs around $ 28.


》 Comes in two sizes. Travel size 0.45 fl/oz and standard size of 1.5 fl/oz. It is very less and doesn’t fulfil one month’s hair care regime.
》 For its quantity, it is extremely costly.
Readily available at any good cosmetic store in Pakistan.

My Clients’ Satisfaction: 88%

Price: $ 28 (almost Rs. 4,300 – PKR)
Order Now

1# Ultimate botanical Hair oil

Ultimate Botanical hair oil is one of the most raved hair oils in Pakistan I have ever come across. I have recommended this oil to almost 1,000 plus patients of mine, and every one is 100% satisfied with this. Unlike Saeed Ghani hair oils, it is made with organic herbs and is 100% homemade. It is a blend of essential oils and the perfect botanical treatment for your hair. Whether your hair suffers from split-ends, dandruff, hair fall, hair breakage or frizzy hair, weak hair, itchy and dry scalp, it is a one-stop solution for all hair problems. After its first use, one feels the difference resulting in extra smooth and silky hair. Its formula profoundly nourishes the roots and provides a lustrous finish to your dried and dead hair. It gives the best results when applied on a clean scalp. Moreover, it helps eradicate all the split ends, providing a lively finish to your hair ends. Its ingredients act as a sealant against hair styling tools for damaging your hair.


Free of DEA, Aldehydes and Formaldehyde.
A highly-concentrated, weightless reparative styling oil.
Harsh smell due to no fake fragrance
Strengthens weak hair in just 5 washes
Discards frizzy hair in just 4 washes
Starts hair growth in just 4 washes
Throws away split ends in just 4 washes
Stops hair fall in just 2 washes
Relieves itchy scalp in just 3 washes
Ends dandruff in just 2 washes
Starts giving hair strength and natural shine in just 2 washes
Preserves natural hair colour
Not easily available, the company only produce 1000 litters for its specific clients across the world.
For Pakistani people, they have to place their order online at company’s Insta page. If you are lucky enough, they will deliver you at your door-step in the next 3 to 4 working days after recieving payment or COD.

My Clients’ Satisfaction: 100%

About the Author

Afroze Gul is the youngest known nutritionist in Pakistan. She has been guiding thousands of patients on how to maintain their weight and what kind of diet they should use. She, under the supervision of Sir Syed Kazim Ali, aims to empower society with her writing via blogging. Having done graduation in Food and Nutrition, she has a profound interest in writing about health, nutrition, wellness, lifestyle, food, and cooking. She is also keenly trying to give words to her thoughts on national and international issues.

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