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Quotes by Sir Syed Kazim Ali | Education is Revolution

Education is Revolution

Written by Amreen Mir

Sir Syed Kazim Ali has been known for his mastery over the English language command and one of the best English teachers in the contemporary teaching faculty. He has not only been serving in the field of education with dedication and honesty but also has been most vocal about the status of teachers in our country and deteriorating standards of education. Those who have studied or have been studying under his patronship find him no less than a gem. His words are no less than to be carved out as one of the famous quotations.
Some of his golden words are being shared below:

A country where teaching is considered the lowest job to do and a teacher is paid less than a government employee cannot create Imam Al Ghazali, Einstein, or Iqbal. A teacher with a financial crisis can only produce leaders that we see in our Parliament and Senate. A bitter reality that is yet to be addressed. Give teachers their due to rule the world.

A country can only step forward to take the lead when it has teachers more competent than its employees. The government of Pakistan should introduce a CSS level test to induct quality teachers, but this test should have all components: moral, verbal, written, and character.

No new leader, no new policy, no new face, and no constitution can revolutionize a country; rather, it is a teacher who brings about a change that the nation currently aspires to; but who understands matters a lot.

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  • Ammara
    March 4, 2021 at 10:02 pm

    Masha allah!! Well said.


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