Uncertainty Should Not Ignite Depravity, but Creativity.

Uncertainty Should Not Ignite Depravity, but Creativity.

The following article, Uncertainty Should Not Ignite Depravity, but Creativity.“, is written by Safina Naz, a student of Sir Syed Kazim Ali. Moreover, the article is written on the same pattern, taught by Sir to his students, scoring the highest marks in compulsory subjects for years. Sir Kazim has uploaded his students’ solved past paper questions so other thousands of aspirants can understand how to crack a topic or question, how to write relevantly, what coherence is, and how to include and connect ideas, opinions, and suggestions to score the maximum.

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1- Introduction

  • ✓Uncertainty causes one to lack knowledge about how things may turn out in the future.
  • ✓It creates risk and unpredictability; however, a creative mind always works innovatively and finds opportunity.
  • ✓All the luxuries brought into the world are the fruit of uncertainty that boosted creativity and assisted man in harvesting the fruit of modern innovations.

2- Decoding the correspondence between uncertainty and creativity

  • ✓To be creative, one must witness uncertainty as it unlocks one’s intellect and allows one to solve the mysteries of life.

3- Understanding why uncertainty should pay the way back for creativity

  • ✓To make one alter disguise into an opportunity
    • Case in point: Ertugrul’s foundation of the Ottoman Empire when the Seljuk state was breathing its last due to the Mongols’ wrath
  • ✓To diminish the chains of slavery
    • Case in point: The British cruelty and the rise of the Pakistan movement
  • ✓To assist one in finding cures for the deadliest diseases and pandemics
    • Case in point: The emergence of the deadliest pandemic, COVID-19, and then the creation of its vaccines
  • ✓To lead the intellects to solve scientific puzzles
    • Case in Point: The concept of gravity by Sir Isaac Newton after falling of an apple on his head
  • ✓To make the states alter poverty into prosperity
    • Case in point: China from devastating poverty to global economic hub
  • ✓To help the masses attain the treasure of education
    • Case in point: Closure of physical activity due to the pandemic threat and then the concept of online education.

4- What makes uncertainty ignite depravity?

  • ✓Lack of consistency, passion, and hard work
    • Case in point: The constantly declining economy of Pakistan with no light at the end of the tunnel due to the absence of continued efforts in the right direction

5-Critical Analysis
6- Conclusion

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Answer to the Question


Dreaming for a bright future is almost the work of every individual. One has always seemed ready to burn the midnight oil to acquire one’s objectives. However, owing to the unpredictability of future events, a major chunk of the population avoids struggling to pursue its noble cause, which makes it bear the reddish effects of depravity. Nevertheless, success is bestowed upon him, who avails himself of the opportunity of uncertainty in a positive way. Undoubtedly, uncertainty has the energy to grow the flames of creativity rather than fuel the fire of depravity. Creativity thrives in the heart of uncertainty as a Phoenix rises from the ashes. So, individuals should always ignite creativity from uncertainty. Also, man’s genius causes remarkable breakthroughs and artistic masterpieces to emerge from the fertile ground of uncertainty, such as the foundation of the biggest and longest reigning emperor of Ottomans, the establishment of Pakistan, the creation of the vaccine for the deadliest pandemic of COVID-19, and China’s journey from monetary crisis towards an economic hub. The examples remind one that man’s creative potential knows no boundary. Therefore, creativity is crucial in making man harvest the fruit of uncertainty. To sum up, the essay thoroughly discusses why uncertainty, not depravity, should ignite creativity.

Decoding the correspondence between uncertainty and creativity

Uncertainty is the mother of all the socio-economic progress that happened throughout the planet. It propels man to foster cognitive skills and strive to transform disguise into a blessing. For illustration, the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic created uncertainty for the global family and threatened the world’s peace, prosperity, and stability. It stopped the entire business of the blue planet, badly disturbed education, and deprived thousands of men of their precious lives. However, with the utilization of the natural gift of creativity, global scientists have made vaccines and cured entire members of the international community. Besides, the uncertainty of the pandemic also paved the way back for online classrooms and digital meetings of entrepreneurs and politicians. It also boosted the shifting of transactions from physical to online means. In this way, it has saved one’s invaluable time and wastage his precious means. Therefore, uncertainty has a firm connection with man’s ingenuity.

Understanding why uncertainty should pay the way for creativity

After discussing the relationship between uncertainty and creativity, it is significant to understand why creativity should be ignited from uncertainty.

To make one alter disguise into an opportunity

To begin with, one must utilize one’s ingenuity to harvest the fruit of uncertainty. It helps man avoid the dark, bleak future and alter disguise into an opportunity. Moreover, history is also filled with some illustrations of such nobles who availed themselves of uncertainty and enlightened future generations’ future. For instance, Ertugrul Ghazi, the famous Turk worrier, laid the foundation of the Ottoman Empire when the existing Muslim state, “Seljuk”, was breathing its last due to the wrath of Mongols. In fact, his creativity during uncertainty fostered him to burn the midnight oil for a new, vigorous and steady Muslim empire. Thus, as mentioned above, the fact underscores the importance of creativity in times of uncertainty.

To diminish the chains of slavery

Similarly, ingenuity also holds an important role in diminishing the chains of slavery. It helps reduce uncertainty and allows one to enjoy the luxury of freedom. As an illustration, when the Muslims of the subcontinent were depressed and dodged by the British, the Muslim leaders came to the front and worked hard under the slogan of the Pakistan Movement for the bright and prosperous future of their Muslim brother. Fortunately, their tireless work and genius helped Muslims regain their lost glory in the form of the new state – Pakistan. Indeed, the opportunity of shrewdness made Muslims realize the importance of freedom and end the chains of slavery. Hence, the arguments mentioned above and the facts underscore the significance of cunning in uncertainty to end the malice of slavery.

To assist one in finding cures for the deadliest diseases and pandemics

In addition, with the help of uncertainty, creativity has encouraged man’s ability to avoid critical diseases and pandemics. It has served as a shielding element for survival on the blue planet. For example, the vaccines for Polio, Covid-19, and smallpox have helped man to bypass the deadliest effects of the ailments. Besides, the outbreak of COVID-19 put human survival at stake. Finding its cure was also an uphill task for scientists and doctors, as they had never experienced it before. Nevertheless, their ingenuity assisted them in discovering the cure and avoiding the menace of illnesses and pandemics. Therefore, the fact reinforces the opinion that uncertainty should ignite creativity, for it is crucial for the peaceful living of humanity.

To lead the intellects to solve scientific puzzles

Moreover, not just in the medical sector, creativity also helps uncertainty increase man’s scientific progress. It plays a way back for scientists to solve the mysteries of the universe. In fact, without ingenuity, uncertainty would never have led man to witness advancement in science. For instance, the action of falling off an apple in front of Sir Isaac Newton created uncertainty for him; however, his intellect made him ponder on the reason, enabling him to provide the theory of gravity. Thus, creativity has always made man avail himself of uncertainty. Therefore, the fact mentioned here underlines the argument that uncertainty should ignite ingenuity, for it ends man’s scientific queries.

To make the states alter poverty into prosperity

Likewise, economic security has directly been dependent on man’s genius. It unlocks numerous ways to boost monetary might and avoid the issue of poverty and dependency. Additionally, many countries that reap the fruit of creativity, raised from uncertainty, avail themselves of good financial conditions. As an illustration, China, struggling with unsurpassable poverty before 1970, has acquired the status of the global economic giant in the present scenario. Also, the country has a great influence on international families. Certainly, it is the result of ingenuity underscoring China to hold the crown of glory and enjoy the taste of peace, prosperity, and stability. Therefore, the abovementioned fact urges uncertainty to ignite creativity for a better financial situation.

To help the masses attain the treasure of education

Last but not least, the field of education also needs the support of man’s genius to enlighten the human heart and mind with the glory of knowledge. Creativity nips the evil of every hurdle, slowing down the process of education, the third eye of humans. The argument can be well supported by the fact that highbrows initiated the idea of the online classroom when the COVID-19 pandemic suspended all physical activities. It resumed the education process and ended the need for physical presence, which proved to be a bottleneck to high expenses. Thus, the fact spotlights that uncertainty should ignite creativity to bring the brightness of education in every corner of the world.

What makes uncertainty ignite depravity?

Lack of consistency, passion, and hard work

Before critically analyzing the essay, discussing the core reasons leading to uncertainty and igniting depravity is pertinent. To begin with, creativity finds no room where one lacks consistency, passion, and hard work. The absence of essentials pays the way back for depravity, which causes uncertainty and creates obstacles for the affected individual. As an illustration, one can consider the example of Pakistan, a South Asian country. The country has borne the brunt of the acute economic crisis, for it has hardly witnessed a passionate and hardworking government working consistently. Every government takes loans over loans instead of finding new ways to maintain economic smoothness, just like a cancer affected is given Panadol for its cure. Certainly, all of it happens owing to the absence of creativity.

Critical Analysis

Evaluating critically, creativity is the light at the end of the tunnel for the blue planet’s social, political, educational, and economic progress. It has led to uncertainty and give birth to innovative ideas. Further, man’s genius has unlocked his mind and assisted him in avoiding the devastating effects of wars, disputes, pandemics, and diseases. The fact cannot be denied that owing to the fruit of ingenuity, uncertainty has allowed one to sidestep the horrible event of the Third World War. Fortunately, uncertainty and creativity have underscored the atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration among the international community.


To conclude, uncertainty should ignite ingenuity because it is the most necessary element for the peace, prosperity, and stability of every individual worldwide. Without any shadow of a doubt, uncertainty alone can never lead one to grow socially, politically, or economically. However, it is man’s brainiac helping uncertainty to turn disguise into opportunity, diminish the chains of slavery, cure the deadliest diseases and pandemics, solve scientific puzzles, and bring economic security worldwide. However, depravity provides nothing but the hazard of obstacles, threatening one’s peaceful existence. It blows the atmosphere of poverty, illiteracy, and disputes. Therefore, uncertainty should ignite creativity, not depravity.

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