The Significance of Preventive Healthcare

The Significance of Preventive Healthcare

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1- Introduction
2- Understanding the term preventive healthcare

3- The significance of preventive healthcare

  • Enhances the longevity of life
  • Curtails the emergence of diseases
  • Improves the quality of life
  • Reduces the cost of healthcare

4- How can preventive healthcare be achieved?

  • Through immunization and vaccination
  • Through screening
  • Through counselling
  • Through awareness programs

5- Critical Analysis
6- Conclusion

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Answer to the Question


Health is a valuable asset in human life. Indeed, it is imperative to lead a productive life as one cannot live a healthful life without drenching into the river of preventive healthcare. This essential healthcare component tackles diseases before they occur. Unfortunately, most people act reactively against the diseases instead of proactively; ultimately, fatal diseases surround them and cost their lives. Undoubtedly, people ignored preventive healthcare when the Coronavirus emerged, raising the mortality rate to millions across the world. Hence, to avoid infectious diseases, people must realize the significance of preventive healthcare. Delving into the importance of preventive healthcare, it not only becomes a shield against diseases but also increases an individual’s lifespan. As every problem is born with a solution, it is vital to look into the steps that help adopt preventive healthcare, including immunization, screening, and counselling, which assist in providing defence against life-threatening diseases. Thus, it is the need of the hour to make people aware of prevention because it is much cheaper than treatment. In addition, governments should focus on promoting health education and preventive measures that will automatically alleviate the cost of health care. In a word, to live a healthy life, prevention is better than cure.

Understanding the term preventive healthcare     

Before explaining the significance of preventive healthcare, it is vital to understand it. Preventive healthcare encompasses health services that involve screening and identifying health issues before symptoms develop. Moreover, it includes different services, like screening, vaccination, immunization, and counselling. For instance, screening for cancer helps detect it at an earlier stage when it is treatable, thus lowering the mortality rate. Further, COVID-19 vaccines also protect from the dangerous virus. With the help of immunization, many infectious diseases, namely hepatitis, influenza, and measles, can be cured successfully. Hence, preventive health care enhances the quality of life.                

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and the cause and prevention of disease.”

Thomas Edison

The significance of preventive healthcare

The importance of preventive healthcare in one’s life is described as follows.

Enhances the longevity of life

In the wake of rapidly deteriorating health conditions, one cannot deny the importance of preventive healthcare. It has some positive influences on human life. To begin with, preventive health measures enhance longevity. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, an individual remains away from diseases that impact one’s life brutally. Such wholesome lifestyles improve the expectancy of one’s life. According to recent statistics, “The average life expectancy globally is 73.16 years.” Nevertheless, several countries, like Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, and Canada, have raised their average life expectancy to nearly 87 years, owing to the implementation of preventive measures. On the other hand, underdeveloped countries, including Nigeria, Sudan, and Chad, which have hand-to-mouth resources, have a life expectancy of nearly 54 years.

Curtains the emergence of diseases
Likewise, one of the significant advantages of leading a healthy life is that it strengthens the body’s immunity, preventing various diseases. The enormity of diseases causing people to lose their lives is preventable, like diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis, lung cancer, etc. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Recently, the world’s biggest killer is ischemic heart disease, accounting for 16% of total deaths; stroke and lung diseases are the second and third leading causes of fatalities, contributing 11 per cent and 6 per cent of all deaths, respectively.” Nonetheless, preventive health measures, including screening and counselling, can assist in mitigating such losses. For instance, Qatar has the lowest death rate globally, around 1.2 deaths per 1000 people, owing to its improved healthcare system. Indeed, with the help of preventive health measures, polio once considered a nightmare, has been successfully eradicated worldwide; COVID-19, the deadliest virus, has been successfully controlled via preventive health measures.
Denis Parsons Burkitt said, “Diseases can rarely be eliminated through early diagnosis or good treatment, but prevention can eliminate the disease.”
Improves the quality of life

Furthermore, preventive healthcare improves the quality of life. A healthier person can work efficiently and serve his nation. With age, there is an increased risk of developing chronic diseases. However, with preventive healthcare measures, one can stay healthy with solid immunity that can help them fight chronic diseases, even with age. In addition, earlier detection of diseases provides a chance to take immediate action to eliminate the infection from its roots, preventing lethal complications. According to recent statistics, “Countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands, and Switzerland rank highest in the Quality-of-Life Index due to their environmental safety, which improves the quality of life.” In this way, people’s quality of life would improve, along with a healthy ecology.        

Reduces the cost of healthcare

Similarly, focusing on preventive health measures can significantly curtail healthcare costs. It is generally believed that people suffering from chronic diseases wait until their health worsens, which is why the swamping of emergency rooms costs an arm and a leg. On the other hand, detecting diseases early via screening prevents them from reaching lethal conditions that ultimately increase the cost of health care. Further, prevention is also beneficial for uplifting the economy of a nation. With the help of preventive healthcare measures, one leads a healthy life, reducing the chances of premature death and absenteeism. Thus, preventive measures undoubtedly reduce the cost of healthcare by decreasing the chances of hospitalization.

How can preventive healthcare be achieved?

Through immunization and vaccination

It is paramount to know the importance of preventive healthcare and how it can be achieved. First, immunization is one of the best ways to attain health. It is the process of being resistant to an infectious disease, usually using vaccines. Verily, several conditions, like measles, mumps, chicken pox, polio, hepatitis, flu, etc., can be eradicated with immunization. For example, the DTP vaccine helps to prevent tetanus disease. Therefore, immunization protects against fatal diseases.

Through screening

Second, preventive care can also be attained via screening. The purpose of screening is not only to discover conditions but also to enhance people’s health status. Undoubtedly, timely screening for diseases like cancer, diabetes, and ischemic heart disease can aid in getting rid of such fatalities earlier before they become a nightmare. For example, blood pressure screening is vital as it is one of the major causes of cardiovascular diseases. 

Through counselling

Third, counselling and health education also play an essential role in keeping a person aloof from various diseases. Educating an individual regarding healthier lifestyle choices can help him boost immunity, a barrier against several diseases. Counselling helps people make healthy life choices. For instance, to counsel smokers to quit smoking by informing them about the risk of lung cancer and to encourage people to adopt a balanced diet plan to fulfil nutritional needs and avoid deficiency diseases, like scurvy, rickets, etc.

Through awareness programs

Last but not least, there is a dire need to inform the public about the importance of preventive healthcare. Most people are unaware of such medical practices, which cause them to suffer from lethal health issues. It can be done through awareness campaigns, public service messages, and seminars. Notwithstanding, despite being aware of preventive healthcare remedies, some people do not consider them due to their cost and lack of access to such measures. Thus, the government should take pragmatic steps to remove such obstacles and make accessing preventive healthcare easier. “The greatest wealth is health.” Emerson.  

Critical Analysis

Analyzing critically, life without good health sounds like an army without soldiers. The significance of preventive healthcare must be addressed. It is indispensable for exterminating disease from its roots via early detection methods. Despite knowing the importance of preventive measures, people hardly pay heed to them; subsequently, they get involved in lethal health issues that often result in premature death or chronic disability. Moreover, it causes them to spend millions on their health. It is time to consider implementing preventive measures to reduce morbidity and mortality. Therefore, the government should take concrete steps to promote such a healthcare system.


To cap it all, an individual’s health is precious and should not be neglected. Most people are unaware of the preventive measures, which becomes Achilles heels for them regarding illness and cost. In the wake of these facts, there is a dire need to put prevention healthcare measures in the mainstream healthcare system. The government should take concrete steps to promote preventive healthcare measures, including immunization, screenings, and counselling at the individual level. Moreover, campaigns and seminars should be arranged to propagate the importance of preventive healthcare among the masses. Succinctly, preventive healthcare is a critical factor that can aid an individual in living a productive life.

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