Online Job Opportunity for CSS and PMS Qualifiers

Online Job Opportunity for CSS and PMS Qualifiers

If you have cleared the CSS or PMS examination, Cssprepforum is the best platform for you to write and get paid immediately.

1- ✓ Apply Accordingly2- ✓ Get Shortlisted3- ✓ Get Interviewed
4- ✓ Achieve Milestone5- ✓ Get Hired & Paid6- ✓ Payment: Rs 1000 to 2000 per question

Online Job Opportunity for CSS and PMS Qualifiers

Written expression is the primary criterion by which academic work and intellectual ability are evaluated in examinations and among numerous competitive candidates. Regrettably, it has been observed that the majority of previously solved CSS papers available in the market and published study materials on low quality websites lack depth and fail to facilitate a thorough understanding of the subject matter for aspirants. Furthermore, it is concerning that instructors for the CSS (Central Superior Services) and PMS (Provincial Management Service) examinations do not adequately instruct their students on how to approach 20-mark questions in these assessments, resulting in a significant number of candidates struggling to achieve scores of over 50 in both compulsory and optional subjects.

In response to these challenges, a group of successful individuals, predominantly composed of officers and high achievers among Sir Kazim’s students, have undertaken the initiative of publishing solved essays and responses to 20-mark questions from papers related to Pakistan Affairs (PA), Current Affairs (CA), and General Science and Ability (GSA) from 2000 onwards. These solutions aim to assist numerous aspirants in comprehending effective strategies for achieving high scores. Consequently, the Cssprepforum website has emerged as Pakistan’s most reputable and widely visited platform for CSS, PMS, Judiciary, and descriptive aspirants.

Recognizing the demand for additional resources, the website has received numerous requests to publish solved past papers for both compulsory and optional subjects, similar to the previously published English essays, Pakistan Affairs, General Science and Ability, and Current Affairs materials. In light of this, Sir Syed Kazim Ali, with CPF and Howfiv coaches, has decided to hire CSS and PMS Qualifiers to answer the questions in the past papers.

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What is this online job opportunity?

Sir Syed Kazim Ali has initiated a groundbreaking online platform that allows aspiring CSS and PMS qualifiers to solve past papers for compulsory and optional subjects. His vision is to revolutionize the landscape of competitive examinations by fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and experience transfer. By providing solved past paper prototypes, qualifiers can effectively empower millions of competitive aspirants, particularly those new to the process. And this initiative offers invaluable, cost-free problem-solving techniques for aspiring candidates, essential to achieving top scores in the CSS and PMS examination and securing allocation in the desired cadre. The impact of this initiative goes beyond academic preparation. It helps aspiring candidates fall prey to unscrupulous academy mafias who demand exorbitant fees from the CSS and PMS aspirants to impart examination presentation skills to them. Furthermore, this online endeavour presents a unique opportunity for qualifiers to share their knowledge and enhance their own skills by contributing articles to CSSPREPFORUM, which is obviously a challenging task to be achieved by only some. So, this visionary initiative by Sir Syed Kazim Ali represents a transformative and reciprocal approach that can significantly influence the trajectory of the CSS and PMS journey for countless aspirants.

What are the available subjects?

The following are the available subjects for CSS and PMS Qualifiers. You have to choose either one or more than one subject and apply to get shortlisted.  

1✓ Pakistan Affairs
2✓ Current Affairs 
3✓ International Relations 
4✓ Public Administration
5✓ Governance and Public Policy 
6✓ Town Planning and Urban Management 
7✓ History of Pakistan and India 
8✓ British History
9✓ History of USA
10✓ European History 
11✓ Gender Studies 
12✓ Environmental Science
13✓ Constitutional Law
14✓ International Law
15✓ Criminology 
16✓ Journalism and Mass Communication 
17✓ Sociology 
18✓ Islamiat

How Does It Work?

1- ✓ Apply Accordingly2- ✓ Get Shortlisted3- ✓ Get Interviewed
4- ✓ Achieve Milestone5- ✓ Get Hired & Paid6- ✓ Payment: Rs 1000 to 2000 per question

How can you apply?

To apply for the online job opportunity, CSS and PMS qualifiers have to follow the procedure given below. Therefore, all interested applicants must send the following particulars to Howfiv’s admin on WhatsApp 0332-6105842.

✓ Name
✓ Age
✓ Qualifications
✓ Achievements (if any)
✓ Designation (if any)
✓ City 
✓ Province 
✓ DMC(s)
✓ Contact Number
✓ Email 
✓ Subject Name (you can choose more than one subject)
  • ✓ The cssprepforum team – usually comprised of officers, teachers, professors, and experts – will review your particulars and shortlist applicants. 
  • ✓ All the shortlisted applicants will be added to a separate WhatsApp group for further updates.
  • ✓ Next, they all will be called for an online meeting with Sir Syed Kazim Ali, where they will be interviewed and told how they could secure their seat as a writer on the Cssprepforum website. 
  • ✓ All the applicants will be given a task to attempt a past paper question on the told pattern. If they make it through, they will be hired.

Why is it beneficial for you?

Having invested a significant amount of effort in preparing the subjects for your examinations, one finds a sense of disillusionment when remaining unallocated. However, it is essential to recognize that knowledge is an incredible form of power. So, utilizing the expertise you possess in your respective subject can lead you to various advantages, including a respectable income and the opportunity to conduct advanced research to attain a comprehensive command of the subject matter. Moreover, this opportunity will also enable you to refine the art of writing under the guidance of Sir Syed Kazim Ali, a distinguished English Writing Coach for CSS and PMS in Pakistan, thereby significantly enhancing your prospects of excelling in your future endeavours. Remember, it is how you present your ideas carrying equal, if not more, weight than the content itself, making all the difference.


How many CSS and PMS aspirants visit the Cssprepforum website daily?

It varies. Well, on a monthly basis, nearly 65,000 aspirants visit the Cssprepforum website. 

What will be the payment and its method?

If selected, you will be paid for each question, ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 per question. The payment per question increases if aspirants love reading your solutions and send us their feedback. 

How do I know I am shortlisted?

The cssprepforum team – usually comprised of officers, teachers, professors, and experts – will review your particulars and shortlist applicants. We shortlist applicants on several bases, for example, scores in the selected subject and scores in other subjects. 

Is sending DMC necessary?

Yes, we do not consider applicants who do not send their DMCs because we have to verify your scores. 

Can I cut my ID card number while sending my DMC(s)?

If you do not cut, it is better. However, you can cut it but have to present it again if asked because we need an ID card number to verify your DMC online. 

I scored less than 70. Can I apply?

If you think you are an authority in a subject and can attempt questions better than those who scored above 70, you can apply. We will allow you to solve a said question and send it for review. Then, if our team finds it worthy, you can be hired. 

If I work with CPF or Howfiv, will Sir Syed Kazim Ali teach me?

Suppose you are shortlisted for a subject; Sir Kazim and his team will interview you. If you get selected, Sir Kazim will teach you how to attempt the question that can help aspirants understand and prepare well and also help you become the best writer. Remember, getting selected does not mean you will be admitted to Sir Kazim’s class. 

Can I publish my articles and solutions if I do not get selected?

Yes, you can do that if you want to get your articles published on the Cssprepforum website and have a profile. But for this, you have to apply first and prove that your articles and solutions are well-searched and help thousands of competitive aspirants prepare well for their examinations. 

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