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How Much Water Is There on Earth

How Much Water Is There on Earth

Written by Uswa Zainab

There is immensely huge amount of water present on Earth. In figures, a rough estimate says that nearly about 326 million trillion gallons (326,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons) or around 1,260,000,000,000,000,000,000 liters of water is found on this planet. There exists a constant cycle of this water, the water from the oceans evaporates, moves through the air, falls on the land in the form of rain, and at last flows back to the oceans.

The oceans are immense. Approximately, 70 % area of the Earth is covered in ocean water, and the average depth of ocean estimated is around 12,100 feet – 3,688 meters. Almost ninety-eight per cent of the total amount of water on the Earth is found in the form of oceans and hence is unsuitable to be used for drinking purpose due to the salt present in it. The amount of fresh water present on the planet is less than 3 per cent of the total amount; moreover, nearly 1.6 per cent of the Earth’s total water supply is shut in glaciers and the polar ice caps. Another 0.36 per cent of the total Earth’s water is present underground in the shape of wells and aquifers. Just about 0.036 per cent of the entire water is found in rivers and lakes. Although this percentage covers thousands of trillions of gallons, it is very little amount of the total water available on the planet Earth.

The remaining amount of the water found on Earth is either travelling through the air in the form of water vapours and clouds or is locked up in animals and plants. The human body is about 65 per cent water; for instance, if a person weighs 100 pounds, 65 pounds of his body is solely water. Including all the liquids, milk, soft drinks, sodas, fruit nectars, etc., one finds in one’s refrigerator or at the stores, it isn’t wrong to say that there’s almost hundreds of billions of gallons water resting on a shelf at a time.

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