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Information technology | For CSS And PMS Aspirants

Information technology | For CSS And PMS Aspirants

Written by Awais Ishfaq

With the advent of information technology, the world has changed for good. The work that would take hours is a single click away from getting done now. From business to household, IT has penetrated into every aspect of one’s life. As cell phones, computers, and the internet are in daily use of a person, IT has become quite essential to keep up-to-date records.

Business, in this era, is not how it used to be. It has started to shift gears since information technology has computerized business processes. IT facilitates business to keep up with the supply and demand as consumers grow more anxious to have their items as soon as possible. Hence, people need not go outside to shop for groceries, to order their meal or even to buy the stuff they need. Everything is under the thumb. All one needs to do is one click on the internet.

Likewise, the vast amount of information sustained, IT has enabled business partners to exchange information while sitting in any part of the world. Video conferencing, emailing, and texting reflect how communication has become not only easier but also more efficient and productive than ever. This easy communication has also awakened the consciousness of cultural diversity as the exchange of ideas among people is possible; Consequently, it has reduced the prejudice against each other’s culture.

Whereas lockdown, implied due to Covid-19, has restricted people to their houses, IT has virtually emancipated them from the confinement. Computers have permitted them to continue their office work from home. IT has not let the barriers of a building stop people from their usual activities.

The Covid-19 pandemic couldn’t affect education either. As the deliverance of quality education, made possible by IT, has prevented students’ big loss amidst the hard times.
In general, IT has also rescued a lot of college and university dropouts from the pits of failure and lifted them up to the peaks of success through online courses.

Along with many other significant healthcare reforms, IT has also updated the technology, like computerized axial tomography(CAT) and magnetic resonance angiogram(MRI) scans, for doctors to save them the trouble. The detailed study of a body has helped find the disease that was impossible to be detected by other means before.

Although IT has deprived many people of their jobs by introducing many cost-effective and efficient machines in their place, it has opened many other job opportunities, which the particular set can avail of skills, related to IT. There is also the risk of a breach of privacy, but that can be avoided by the help of IT workers who can suggest a way to unbreakable security.

All things considered, Information technology seems to be a blessing to humanity as it has revolutionized the world bringing in many a remarkable changes.

About the writer:

Mr Awais Ishfaq is a 21-years-old innovative writer, trained under the coaching of a great mentor Sir Syed Kazim Ali. He is a CSS aspirant as well. Having done graduation in General Science, he delights in writing education blogs to enlighten people on various subjects.

Name of the Student: Mr Awais Ishfaq
Qualifications: Graduation in General Science
Total Articles/Blogs: 4
English Coach: Sir Syed Kazim Ali
Course Taken: Creative English Writing & Article Writing

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