Give a brief account of Optic Fibres. What is their importance in the present-day telecom system?

Give a brief account of Optic Fibres. What is their importance in the present-day telecom system?

The General Science and Ability Past Paper Question has been attempted by Nawal Khalid, a CSS English and Compulsory Course student. Along with other aspirants, she learns how to prepare and attempt GSA questions to score up to 90 marks under the guidance of Miss Iqra Ali and Dr. Nishat Baloch, Pakistan’s top CSS GSA coach providing coaching at Howfiv.

CSS Solved GSA 2019 Paper | Give a brief account of Optic Fibres. What is their importance in the present-day telecom system?

Fibre Optic or optical fibre refers to a technology that uses glass (or plastic) threads to transmit data as light pulses along a hollow glass tube or plastic or fibre.

An optical fibre consists of four parts (construction):

1. The core(glass)

2. Cladding surrounded the layer of the core, which is also made of glass or plastic and reduces the loss of light.

3. Coating or buffer(enclosed in cladding to give physical strength)

4. Jackets( bundle of all fibres in a cable) acts as the final protective layer for the individual strand, and it finds in two colours: yellow( single-mode cable), orange(multimode cable).

Importance of fiber optics:

1. Strong internet connection

To complete your work at jobs Internet speed is necessary. Even at home, if anyone does some work, the internet speeds help to complete work on time. In this regard, fibre optic provides a system of the fastest internet connectivity, which is a must for the current busy lifestyle that promotes

convenience and reliability.

2. Extensive coverage

Fibre Optic is used to cover your Internet connection amount of distance. AS a comparison to another cabling option, it carries signals on longer distances instantly. Although there is some difference, it is used to cover in-network options, wavelength, and cable type, which contains longer

distances. Communication, in this mode, is quite is easy because it reduces coverage, expands your network, and reaches more individuals. However, it is not only important for the business but also crucial for a person to seek video calls to your relatives.

3. Changeable and utility

To remain aware of the current changes the use of the technological landscape is necessary. It is being said that you can update any equipment with the help of fibre optic.

4. Reliable

Another fact about fibre optics is that it is reliable, resisting changes in weather and temperature. It secures connectivity from the effects of heat, moisture, or even electromagnetic inference; fibre optic cables do not transmit electric currents. As a result, you will get speedy transmission data, which is essential for professional use.

A quick recipe to score up to 90 marks in CSS GSA paper by Miss Iqra Ali and Dr. Nishat Baloch

Having taught for many years in different universities and being an experienced lecturer, I have devised a strategy for my CSS and PMS students, who aim to score up to 90 marks in the CSS GSA paper. Unfortunately, due to a large number of CSS and PMS aspirants, a very busy schedule, and Sir Syed Kazim Ali‘s rule of taking a limited number of students in CSS English and Compulsory Course to ensure quality rather than quantity and remain the best e-institute, I cannot teach all student. However, under the guidance of Sir Kazim, I have decided to highlight the best strategies that I teach my students to score maximum marks in the paper. All the students may follow them to pass the CSS GSA paper with flying colours. Moreover, to help thousands of CSS aspirants, I have created a separate category where I have uploaded the last 30 years of CSS GSA Solved Past Papers. Or, you can also visit the category GSA Notes, where my students publish their write-ups related to CSS GSA papers.

  1. Science is not a subject to cram. Therefore, aspirants must not cram the study material but try to grab the concepts and reproduce them on the paper in accordance to the requirements of the question.
  2. Rather than memorizing and reproducing the content from different sources, students must learn to give their thought words properly, coherently, affectively, and grammatically correct. This gives a pleasant and unique feeling to the examiner as he is always desperate to find the original and unique thoughts out of thousands of papers, and he always appreciates such aspirants by giving maximum marks.
  3. For preparing General Science, students must practice diagrams with as much topics as possible and reproduce them on the paper, for diagrams, illustrations, and graphs boost the score of the candidate.
  4. It is commonly observed that students take the MCQs portion very light. However, 20 marks of MCQs are very important as they not only boost the score but also morale of the student. Therefore, aspirants must give due attention and time to the preparation of MCQs portion. Fortunately, Howfiv is the only platform, where an aspirant can find millions of MCQs, along with their explanation, of all the subjects, including GSA, and MCQs should be prepared from Howfiv.
  5. Furthermore, Ability and Mathematics portion is critical and decisive for the future of a CSS and PMS aspirant. With a little effort and focus, an aspirant can grab full marks in this portion. Therefore, an aspirant must practice different mathematical skills throughout his preparation for the exam.
  6. Last but not the least, practicing the past papers and getting them evaluated by an expert teacher or lecturer, rather than mere a CSS or PMS qualifier, is the key to achieve up to 90 marks in CSS GSA paper.

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