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Written By Amreen Mir

Central Superior Services, widely known as CSS exam, in common parlance, has become a dream job for most of the competitive individuals in the country. Each year, thousands of students enter the bandwagon wanting to be employees of the state. Well, it does require every tooth and nail effort to be done. An applicant has to undergo rigorous tests and evaluations in order to be accepted as a federal employee. Despite its growing trend in the recruitment industry, no specific guidelines are to be found anywhere. Every aspirant sails his ship with the ocean tides, instead of giving his preparation a rational thought and working out a doable plan for himself. Preparing for CSS is no rocket science. Every one of us has already gone through a series of examinations throughout our lives. We have followed specific tips to get through it; the same is the case with this exam. Unfortunately, this competitive culture has got so much fantasized and explicitly portrayed toughest in Pakistan that to the majority, it seems to be a wild goose chase. In this blog, I’m going to share tips on cracking tough CSS exams and getting selected for your dream job. This blog will be shared in parts, you will find its next part here on We will begin with part 01 as of now listed below:

Every CSS aspirant must work hard to attain the following skills to make this exam a piece of cake.

Selection of study material

 A Competitive aspirant must have detailed research and read as many thesis papers as one can. Remember, no book for the mentioned subjects has ever been designed as oriented for CSS syllabi. Read the course outline as well as the past papers. Sort the relevant topics and look into dimensions of questions asked. Note down the points and find the research papers. Read 3-4 papers in detail and highlight the main points. Re-read the question and start attempting. This will not only sort out relevant material for you but develop better opinions and insights.

Level of competency

• In-depth knowledge: a comprehensive and accurate interpretation of subjects, approaches, strategies, and principles.
• Application: the application of studied methods, strategies, and ideas of various topics to a real-world scenario.
• Judgment: capacity to differentiate between essential and unrelated problems, willingness to evaluate, preference of alternatives.
• Presentation: the capacity to systematically arrange details and deliver the information consistently and competently utilizing correct writing methods and style.

Time Management

Proper time planning is one of the main distinctions between productive and incompetent individuals. The change of emphasis on concentrating on performance, not being distracted, is at the root of effective time management.

• Use a task log to measure the usage of resources and strength levels at all periods of the day. This will help you sort important ours of the day for you.
• Evaluate the importance of the time and determine which activities can be deferred, abandoned, or assigned.
• Set the priorities and strategies that will bring you to this achievement.

Here are the ways in which time can be more efficiently and effectively managed.

• Do important work in quality time. (Prime time)

• Eating and sleeping regularly, such that you invest time doing better.

• Participation in community meetings, workshops, presentations in the classroom.

• Delegating effectively-your duties to acquaintances or family members.

• Wake up early-avail the most effective fresh hours of the day.

• Getting rid of unnecessary work, recreation, activities on the days of the test.

• To avoid unnecessary visitors/friends and coworkers.

• Let others know whether you don’t want to be interrupted, and

• Managing mobile phones efficiently for less energy wastage.

Action Plan:
It is a short set of actions that will be carried out to accomplish the goal. This varies from the ‘To Do’ plan in that it relies on the target of success rather than on the goals to be accomplished over time.

Set your study objective
A subject wise topic with time allocation every day or week. Wherever you decide to reach an action goal, you will concentrate on the steps of that accomplishment and track your progress towards that objective. There is no substitution for diligent work. The dedication and hard work can resolve some shortcomings.

Principle of Evaluation at CSS Exam

To ensure that the examiners have gained the necessary skills on the subject under review and that these studied principles, methods, and resources can be extended to a specific circumstance. Passing the exam implies that students have not only acquired the requisite technological expertise, but also implies that students have learned skills in managing time, summarizing results, writing papers, interacting with others, and identifying and solving problems.

The question demands its answer, not what you already know. You can write ‘many articles, but if it’s not essential to the issue, you won’t get a rating.

Important Note: We do not read the questions correctly.For example, Q.Not Economy, but politics is the key to success.

Many students immediately start to describe the Economy and its hurdles. This leads to failure. The Examiner wants you to write on politics, but in haste, if you wrote a single point about the Economy, that will end your journey then and there.

So be wise, patient, prudent, and relevant. This article will continue with more tips and tricks, so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to get to know about updates and new articles update at earliest.

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