Throughout History, Men have been Willing to Fight and Die for Freedom | for CSS & PMS Aspirants

Throughout-History,-Men-have-been-Willing-to-Fight-and-Die-for-Freedom-for-CSS-&-PMS Aspirants

Written by Anum Saba

Men, since its inception, have been inclining to combat and die for independence, the soul of antiquity. Man is ready to fight and die when freedom fails or is denied; if not now, it is a question of time. The recent history of the world is replete with examples. The countries which have been found freedom newly have had to fight against the erstwhile colonial rule. The fight is still on in some countless even today.

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Why this fight? The question belongs to psychology. A student does not allow another student to sit in his place in the classroom; a casual traveller in a bus or train claims his place; a child does not let another child touch its plaything. At the bottom of this, all is the sense of ownership either permanent or temporary. Ownership and acquisitive tendency go hand in hand, throughout history. Protection of owned and acquired is a must, and in case of danger, the fight is a must. It is a primary animal inherent aptitude, and man has not reached that stage, despite his long history on earth, to overcome this speciality. The search of the ideal socialistic state is known by none that when men will reach it.

Next to it is the imposition of authority from an opposition or outside force that leads to fighting or revolt. When we see children doing their own accord such as playing or painting, when somebody requests them to do it again, they either feel shy or don’t want to do it. Similarly, it may go slow or even do the thing that may draw it to its destruction in a country. Even then, it will not like external interference. In the name of White mar’s burden, some Western nations deliberately did it, and some are now paying a hefty penalty for it. To appreciate this, one has to go through the recent history of the world.

Freedom is indispensable; however, it cannot be decided on the battleground. Freedom is vital for natural prosperity. A climber always moves towards light and air. However, someone tries to turn it the other way; it will always strive to see the fight. Same is with the men; therefore, they want to be free as the water in an ocean. The spirit of ‘Who are you to tell me?’ is always with us, only it is a question of degree. Even a bear, when brought before dogs, turns ferociously against to save its freedom.

The sensation of being and feeling free is crucial to make life worthwhile, and hence man has always been fighting for it; but, there cannot be absolute freedom. There can be regulated freedom what we may call the rule of the road such that everyone can enjoy freedom without being detrimental to others.

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