“The Best Way to Preserve Peace is to be prepared for War”, for CSS & PMS Aspirants


Written by Uswa Zainab

If we look through the history of the world, we find that the history of mankind is full of violence. Though there have been great men who taught the world lessons of non-violence and peace, and though they achieved some success in their mission, yet the whole history of human civilization is a narration of victory of swords. There are people who believe that violence is in the blood of man. Survival of the fittest is the law of nature. The weak have to suffer injustice at the hands of the strong. It is this inborn natural propensity of violence which has guided the destiny of man.

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So far as peace in the world and its maintenance is concerned, everybody wants peace. Everybody would agree that there should be complete peace in the world. Nobody wants war, and no one would like to be a defender of war. War is terrible, and peace is undoubtedly good for the world. Peace ensures happiness, prosperity, and stability. Everybody condemns war because it results in destruction, misery, and loss of life. But peace has unfortunately all along been a pious wish and a dream. Despite a great effort by a majority of the world’s people, peace has been short-lived in the world and humanity has had to suffer the devastation of two great world wars in the near past.

The fundamental question, therefore, is how to prevent war. Some people say that the best security for peace is peace. The ways and means suggested for peace are many, perhaps as many as there are thinkers. An economist sees peace in greater production. A humanist would suggest the spirit of “give and take” and “live and let live” as a precondition for peace. Many argue that those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword. They also assert that preparation for war and armaments have failed to prevent war, and they themselves are the real cause of wars. They express high hope that with better understanding and wider sympathy between the world’s peoples, the war would become a thing of the past.

But some persons hold the view that preparedness for war is the best security for peace. They give a number of instances to prove their point of view. They also refer to the pages of history where nations and races have lived for centuries by the sword. Such instances are common when stronger nations have swallowed weaker nations for no fault of theirs. Perhaps their only fault was that they were weak.

Martin Luther once said that war is a necessary evil. If we agree with him, then preparedness for war is a must. Facts of life have to be faced boldly. Pious wishes of peace are not going to help any country out of danger. Whether one likes or not, it is very necessary that every country should keep itself fully prepared to meet any eventuality. It is only then that it can survive.

Pakistan and India have huge stockpiles of deadly arms and ammunitions. They are known as nuclear-powers. They have manufactured the most fearful and destructive weapons. They want to exterminate each other. But none of them can dare to play any mischief on the other. Why? The answer is quite simple. Each of the two is fully prepared to meet the onslaught of the other. Each of them is aware of the fact that the other party is also fully prepared. They would not fight because they are afraid of each other.

There are many bush fires and trouble spots in the world. It is not difficult to see the hands that pull the wires. But they know their limits beyond which they do not dare to approach for fear of a violent reaction. Pinpricks and bitter wordy duels are for the consumptions of others. It is perhaps being realized more and more that any imbalance in terror, as the history of the past, would reveal, would tempt the bigger power to trigger off. The guarantee of peace is best secured by a balance of terror or a counterbalancing force. Human civilization’s history will bear out that only fear of total reprisal frightens away the power from his contemplated designs of violence. Whatever the progress made by man in the process of evolution, the human world continues to be the same as it was with our ancient ancestors.

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War is bad. It should be condemned in the strongest terms. But who cares for condemnation. It is only strength and power that can prevent war or can work as an instrument for peace. Weakness is an invitation to the aggressor. Therefore the best way to preserve peace is to be prepared for war.

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