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Written by Khansa Yousaf

Over-population is unbearable for a country in the world. Pakistan, like many other underdeveloped countries, has to face the problem of overpopulation. According to a report, five to six children are born every single minute in the country. People, as well as government, are paying no attention to the rampant growth of the population. As a result, the state is unable to provide its citizens with the basic necessities of life to such a massive chunk of the population due to lack of resources. More than 40 % population of the country is living below the poverty line. It is an alarming situation. Without taking some practical steps to curtail the ever-rising monster of over-population, it is challenging for Pakistan to become a developed country.

Overpopulation has many effects. One of its major effects is that the crime rate is increasing day by day in the country. People commit crimes and snatch others’ rights to fulfil their desires. Poverty is the root cause of all social evils. When unemployed persons are unable to have the basic necessities of life, they get involved in negative activities like robbery and terrorism. To overcome the problem, the government has to improve governance and law and order situation in the country. Besides, the government can play an effective role by creating employment opportunities and increasing resources.

Secondly, overpopulation gives rise to child labour and slavery. When the head of the family is unable to meet the needs of his family, he sends his children to work. Children are forced to work with heavy machinery, which is a threat to their life. Unfortunately, children are exploited sexually in their workplaces. It is rightly said that education is a real panacea to the socioeconomic problems of society. To reduce child labour, the government needs to allocate more funds for the education sector.  Besides that, vocational training and occupational opportunities are a prerequisite to overcoming the issue. An educated person not only understands the fact that overpopulation is not in favour of Pakistan but also differentiates between good and evil.

Likewise, over-population has led to pollution in the country. There is a rapid increase in industrialization and urbanization. Industries release a large number of poisonous gases and hazardous waste material into the atmosphere, which results in the greenhouse effect and global warming.  Urbanization also causes deforestation. As a result, there are abrupt weather changes in the country. Illiteracy and certain narrow-minded mullahs who say that it is against the spirit of Islam to reduce childbirth are the main cause of over-population. Such types of mullahs are conservative in their approach towards life. Rational scholars can convince narrow-minded mullahs and people that birth control is as per the spirit of Islam. 

To conclude, in Pakistan like other Third World countries, over-population has added to the miseries of people. Majority of the people are unable to get basic needs of life such as food, education, shelter, and health facilities. The problem needs immediate attention to become Pakistan self-reliant and developed country. In this regard, the government, as well as intellectual and civil society, can play a pivotal role. Furthermore, media has become a great power in the modern world. News anchors and writers must throw light on threats of over-population and guide people on how to control over-population.  

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