Online English Writing Skills Workshop for CSS and PMS Aspirants


Online English Writing Skills Workshop will equip you with writing skills and help you develop a habit of writing fluently, accurately, and appropriately by improving your core English skills. 

For competitive aspirants, writing is essential as a means of communication and expression of thoughts and ideas. It helps aspirants convey their point of view clearly and compellingly to their examiners in a structured manner. Thus, writing is an art that requires aspirants must learn grammar, syntax, style, and structuring to express their perspectives and successfully pursue examiners with their opinions. Simply, the ability to write meaningful thoughts in sentences, then lines and paragraphs in an essay through which examiners are pursued with aspirants’ perspectives is seen as one of the terrible experiences among competitive aspirants. Unfortunately, aspirants who do not learn writing skills usually face difficulties in mastering these skills in their CSS and PMS preparation.  

Narrowing down the ambit of the importance of writing to an average Pakistani graduate’s perspective, their sorry state of affairs of employment is not hidden from anyone. And the most esteemed job, the civil services, has become a mere dream, owing to its high merit and unexpected examination results. However, looking at it with a sensible eye, one understands that the results are quite predictable. Let us not talk about the DMCs of all 12 subjects at once but just those of two papers, the dreaded English Essay and Precis papers, which have left everyone stunned with a horrible 93.5% failure ratio in the essay paper and 67% in the precis and composition paper. What does it say other than poor writing practices? Aspirants appearing in the CSS and PMS examinations can answer this better than anyone else about how crucial language understanding and comprehension are when cracking essay topics and solving the Precis paper.

Now, one might ask, how come aspirants could fail with such horrible marks after studying for months and gulping every piece of information they come across from dawn till dusk? The answer is simple: knowing something is as good as not knowing when sitting in the exam hall without conveying his knowledge to the examiner. Thus, learning how to give words to your thoughts holds equal, or even more, importance as retaining information on ten different theoretical subjects.

So, how can one learn the art of practical writing communication skills? It could only be learnt through rigorous practice and continuous evaluations by highly experienced language experts, not mere subject toppers, high scorers, or qualifiers. And Sir Syed Kazim Ali has introduced an Online English Writing Skills Workshop for CSS and PMS Aspirants on the demand of hundreds of aspirants, bloggers, officers, and teachers. 

Why Online English Writing Skills Workshop for CSS and PMS Aspirants?

This need of the aspirants and the subsequent lack of guidance for them has been rightly felt by Sir Syed Kazim Ali, the Best CSS and PMS English Coach. Moreover, aspirants have requested Sir for guidance sessions for several months. Thus, he has decided to deliver free lectures, along with a real-time workshop, where students could practice their newly acquired skills and even get a chance to get them evaluated by him. The one-of-a-kind workshop would continue for 4-5 days and be free of cost, so anybody aiming to work on his writing skills generally or aspiring to crack the most prestigious civil services exams could benefit directly from it without worrying about the cost.

The workshop will be conducted online on Zoom. Every participant would be given an equal opportunity to discuss his confusions with Sir directly. Thus, the session won’t be a one-way lecture but a two-way productive discussion for all those who want to learn how to put their thoughts to words effectively, coherently, and, most importantly, confidently.

This workshop is designed for aspirants who plan to take the CSS 2024 and PMS exams and want to dive deep to grip English writing skills, including English grammar, essay writing, precis writing, and communication skills from basic to advanced levels. It equips you with writing skills and gives you the confidence to get the best possible exam results. In addition, this workshop helps you develop a habit of writing fluently, accurately, and appropriately by improving your core English skills with students at the same level. It will enable aspirants to identify their strengths and weaknesses. So, if you’re looking to take your writing skills to the next level to qualify for a competitive exam in Pakistan, this workshop will definitely suit your needs.

Workshop Details

1Coach Name
 Sir Syed Kazim Ali
2Orientation Name
 Online English Writing Skills Workshop for CSS and PMS Aspirants
3Workshop Duration
 4 to 5 Days
4Workshop Modality 
 Online (via Zoom)
5Registeration Deadline 
 Thursday, September 7, 2023
6Workshop Will Start On
 Friday, September 8, 2023
7Workshop Fee
8Workshop Timings
 Evening (after 7 p.m.)

How to join the workshop?

If you are interested in joining the online workshop, you are required to send the following particulars to any of Sir Syed Kazim Ali’s assistants at their official WhatsApp numbers: 0332-6105842 , 0300-6322446

7Contact Number
8Number of provious attempts (if any)
9DMC (if any)
10Aspiring for CSS, PMS, or Learning English Writing Skills

What will you learn in this Workshop?

Explaining the difference and similarities between academic (formal) and journalistic writing
Understanding thinking process
Understanding the writing process (8-S Strategy)
Understanding the structure of a paragraph (including the topic sentence, support, talk on the topic, etc.)
Understanding the paragraph writing process with examples
Understanding the 3 basic structures of an outline
Understanding the structure of an essay (including hook, contextualization, thesis statement, etc.)
Understanding different styles of leads for introductions
Understanding the essay writing process with examples
Understanding precis writing
Understanding comprehension writing
Understanding translation process
And many more

Who is this workshop for?

Aspirants planning to take CSS 2024 and PMS 2024 attempt
Aspirants planning to take CSS 2025 attempt
Aspirants planning to take CSS, PMS, Judiciary, and related exams after grads
Bloggers, authors, reviewers, and writers who want to take their writing skills to the next level
Professionals and officers who want to step into the writing field to start earning online
Teachers, lecturers, and English content writers who want to grip communication skills

Interested in knowing how Sir Kazim’s students write?

If you are interested in knowing how Sir Kazim’s students give their ideas and thoughts words, let’s explore this section. Here you will find hundreds of articles and solved CSS and PMS past papers question by those students who scored the highest marks in their compulsory and optional subjects because of their writing skills. 

Click to Land on CSS Solved Past Papers
English Essay and Precis Course for CSS and PMS Aspirants

Who is Sir Syed Kazim Ali?

Sir Syed Kazim Ali has been the best English teacher for CSS and PMS and professional bloggers, writers, and content. Sir Syed Kazim Ali has been the best English teacher for CSS and PMS and professional bloggers, writers, and content creators for years. He is one of the English teachers who has recognized himself globally because of his masterful English language command. The best part of him is that he is the only CSS, PMS English teacher in Pakistan whose students’ success result is the highest. He has introduced a unique coaching style that equips anybody with writing skills within 2 to 3 months. As a top English language coach nationwide, Sir Syed Kazim Ali helps his students reach their full potential at a pace that suits them. He knows that CSS aspirants’ approach to learning English is different. And over the years, he has developed a unique teaching methodology, which helps his students crack English essays and precis papers. The way he explains and simplifies the concepts no other English teacher across Pakistan can do. He has successfully taught hundreds of successful students preparing for entrance or competitive exams such as MDCAT, GAT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, CSS, FPSC, PMS, etc. His online creative English writing session gives you the skills and confidence to get the best possible exam results. He focuses on his students’ critical areas, which helps identify their strengths and weaknesses, and equips them with the writing skills they need to correctly and confidently express their thoughts and opinions.

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