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Although the CSS 2021 precis and composition paper was quite tricky, I was delighted when some of my students called and told me that they were quite sure about synonyms and antonyms, sentence corrections, prepositions, and above all punctuation and paragraph writing. They think that whatever I had taught them became part of the paper. No, my dear, the truth is you people have practised each concept thoroughly for 5 to 6 months. The credit goes to Allah and your hard work, not to me alone. I wish you very best of luck. May Allah guide you and help you qualify for the exam as he did to my previous students, Amieen. I am very thankful to Almighty Allah who has been so kind to me. All of my students who have gone through my lectures and notes – vocabulary (700 words), pair of words (500 words), idioms (500 words) synonyms and antonyms (1200 MCQs), 70 plus punctuation paragraphs, and 50 plus Urdu to English practice paragraphs – must be confident today.

CSS 2021 Solved Pair of Words

Gibe & Jibe

Gibe” (verb) means: to taunt, jeer, or make fun of.
Jibe” (verb) means: To agree.


Sarah’s friends gibed her for wearing sunglasses at night.
Laraib’s brother didn’t jibe with her idea of migration.

Epigram & Epigraph

Epigram” (noun) means: A brief, witty statement in prose (written work) or verse -similar to an aphorism (a brief saying/ phrase, which expresses an opinion or makes a statement of wisdom).
Epigraph” (noun) means: A quotation set at the beginning of a text (a poem, an essay, a book, a chapter of a book) to suggest its theme.


During his speech, Sir Syed Kazim Ali quoted an epigram from one of his favorite poets.
One of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s quotes was used as an epigraph on the school building named after him.

Brawl & Bawl

Brawl” (noun) means: A noisy quarrel or fight.
Brawl” (verb) means: To fight in a rough/ noisy/ uncontrolled way
Bawl” (verb) means: To cry/ shout loudly.


A few students were responsible for inciting a brawl after they accused the government of wrongdoings.
Mutahar and Khuleed spent yesterday night in separate police cells after brawling with hotel security guards.

“Get out of my car!” Alia bawled angrily.

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Crib & Crypt

Crib” (noun) means: A small bed for a baby having high bars around the sides so that the kid cannot fall out.
Crypt” (noun) means: A cellar, vault, or underground chamber where bodies are sometimes buried.


My mother laid my younger sister back again in the crib.
While touring the ancient city Pompi, the tourists were told about the crypt of the old church, which had a musty dank smell.

Barmy & Balmy

Barmy” (Adj.) means: Slightly crazy or very silly/ foolish.
Balmy” (Adj.) means: Pleasantly warm or calm.


Laraib didn’t think that skydiving was a barmy idea, but her younger brother said it was the craziest thing he’d ever heard of.
The balmy breeze from the ocean created a comfortable environment for my wedding ceremony.

Monogamous & Monogenous

Monogamous” (Adj.) means: Having married to only one person at a time
Monogenous” (Adj.) means: Relating to monogenesis (development from a single source, e.g. a cell, an ancestor, or a language).


Every modern girl most commonly seeks a monogamous marriage-even in societies that allow polygamy.
The inherited disorders of haemoglobin and sickle-cell anaemia are by far the commonest monogenous diseases.

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