Mind-Blowing Facts about Egypt

Mind Blowing Facts about Egypt

Written by Anum Saba

Egypt, a land of Pharaohs, is famous for its tremendous and gigantic pyramids, mummies, and golden treasures. Ancient Egypt was led by great Pharaohs, and the thing which made them distinct from the rest of the world was their building of enormous pyramids and mummies. They had a diverse civilization and culture. There are some mind-blowing facts about ancient Egypt which are as follows.

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Camels not used as a mean of Transportation

Until the end of dynastic age, camels, desert animal, were not used instead of them, donkeys for carrying things and boats for general transportation in Egypt. Nile, the great river went through the centre and helped them a lot to do their works. Wooden barges were used for the movement of heavy thing, and boats were used for human transportation. However, they also believe that the god named Ru sail his boat.


Mummification was a prominent art in which they preserved their dead ones in a dried bandage corpse. Though it was very expensive and time-consuming, so only the elite class use it. However, the majority of people simply buried their dead ones in the sand. The reason behind it was to preserve that they can live again only if their bodies were safe. The elite buried their dead in coffins in tombs, so that they remain safe and don’t contact directly with sun and sand.

Sharing of Food with the Dead

The mummified were lived in tombs with their spirits named as “Ka” along with a chapel who took care of them. He allowed families to visit them, and they offered food and drinking items to dead ones. They celebrate “Feast of the valley” in which they spend their nights with their ancestors as a form of the reunion of living with the dead one.

Equity between Man and woman

In ancient Egypt, women were treated like men with equal rights of property, sale, purchase, and earn. They can also bring cases in front of the law and got the accused one punished. In houses, women did all the households and raised the children while men do all external chores.

Hieroglyphs a rare Scribes

Images on stones that were hundreds of year old were beautiful but time-consuming when it comes to their formation. However, it was only used for important writings such as royal attainments, and decoration of temples and tomb walls. For their daily writing, they used hieratic along with that they also used demotic, which is, even more, simpler than hieratic. Hieroglyphs was difficult, and only ten percent of the total population were able to read it. 

Women could be a King

Preferably man ruled, and the throne was given to the son of the ruler, but women in ancient Egypt could also rule with full power. Many women ruled, and the most famous was Hatsheptus, who ruled for 20 years. 

Pyramids do not build by all Pharaohs

Though all the pharaohs from the Old Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom build their pyramids in north deserts, the start of the New Kingdom (1550 BC) pyramids went out fashioned. The built funereally monuments and their mummies were buried in caves. After the collapse of the New Kingdom, kind was buried in northern Egypt.

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Slaves didn’t Build Great Pyramids

Classic historian believed that the Great Pyramid was built by 100 000 slaves. But archaeologists said that it was built by a workforce of 5,000 permanent workers, who were paid, and more than 20, 000 temporary labour force. They were free men and worked according to the orders of the corvee system. They lived there in camps to perform their duties for three to four months. 

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