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Man Is Born Free But Everywhere He Is In Chains | for CSS & PMS aspirants

Man Is Born Free But Everywhere He Is In Chains

Written By Uswa Zainab

Man is born free only in the sense that freedom is his basic right. It is the necessary condition for the development of various potentialities of human nature. We can say that he is born for freedom that he ought to be free. The second part of this sentence that he is everywhere in chains imply that customs and conventions of society and state regulations impose upon him certain artificial and unnecessary restraints which arrest the development of his personality.

Rousseau, a philosopher, presented this state of nature to be an earthly paradise though he himself confessed that the conception of the State of Nature was quite hypothetical. He always maintained that the natural state was also a better social state. For in it, the natural man, or the noble savage, lived a solitary, happy are free life of the brute, was independent, contented, and self-sufficing. He was not a timid, stubborn creature and fearful of every cross-current blowing around him; nor was he an aggressive monster, endlessly driven by his mottoes of self-aggrandizement to wage perpetual warfare upon his fellows. This noble savage was in the state of paradise, everyone being equal to the other. Man’s life in the state of nature was regulated not by reason but by the feelings of self-preservation hand hatred towards incalculable massacre and incredible violence.

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But with the appearance of fixed homes, family, and private property, the knell of human equality was sounded. But even this primitive society was tolerable as it was least subject to revolutions, the best for man. Only when the serpent entered into society in the form of private property was the life of man changed from prosperity to adversity. This institution of private property created a sense of jealousy and struggle, converted usurpation into an acknowledged right and led to the promotion of society on different lines. This resulted in the noble savage losing his natural equality. Freedom and printing self-sufficiency. He became subject to violence, bloodshed, crimes and all the evils of society and civilization, including slavery.

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