Islamophobia | for CSS & PMS Aspirants

Islamophobia | for CSS & PMS Aspirants

Written by Awais Ishfaq

The overt act of brutality in the Christchurch mosque that claimed many lives of peaceful Muslims is the latest reminder of Islamophobia. Since the UN has always turned a deaf ear to indiscriminate killings of Muslims in Kashmir and Palestine, it is the second obvious manifestation of prejudice against Muslims.

When the alt-right bluntly classified Islam as a potential threat to their western world in the aftermath of 9/11 attacks, the inevitable wave of hatred for Islam tarnished the Muslim reputation all over the world. Meanwhile, U.S. – to its interests – began to intrude in every political, social, and economic aspect of the Middle East countries disguised as the war on terror. Since then, Muslims are unjustly treated and bullied everywhere. Their lands are captured. The U.S. troops are there to keep an eye on the middle east countries, causing unrest in people.

The negative depiction of Islam and the Muslims by the western media has added fuel to the flames. People having a little or no knowledge of Islam always get brainwashed easily at the hand of such media. Rampant Islamophobia due to western media has resulted in many hate crimes and bullying against Muslims. Anti-Islamic Hollywood and Bollywood movies have left no room in people for carrying hate against the Muslims either. Also, Anti-Sharia campaigns in western countries have caused further troubles for them.

The misinterpretation of Islam is one of the reasons that have caused widespread Islamophobia. As the following verses from Surah Tauba are often quoted out of context by the antagonists of Islam to show that it promotes bloodshed:

“Kill the Mushrekeen(Peghans, Polyethiests, Kuffar) wherever you find them”.

While context says, “there was a peace treaty between the Muslims and the Mushriks of Makkah. Mushriks violated the treaty. Despite being offered a chance to make amends, they compelled the Muslims to declare war against them”.

Jihad, on the other hand, is always equated with terrorism. The only purpose of Jihad – in fact- was to defend Islam and remove evil, not to kill people for expansion of Islamic state.

Therefore, enhancing the role of OIC and strengthing the unity among the Muslim states can upbring the Islamic state before the world. The Promotion of the peaceful Islamic doctrines and the preaching of the religion in its real sense by the Muslim scholars on a TV channel can be a productive step to mould people’s stance. UN should come forward to curb Islamophobia and take a stand against false propaganda spread by the western media. As non-muslims do not read the Quran and have a little knowledge of Islam, every Muslim should be a good representative of Islam and promote it by themself. The tolerance for other people’s caste, creed, and religion should be a priority too.

Sad to say, Islam is unfortunately dubbed as a religion which preaches violence and terrorism. The malicious propaganda carried against Islam makes it misnomer; otherwise, it is a religion of peace and global harmony.

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About the writer:

Mr Awais Ishfaq is a 21-years-old innovative writer, trained under the coaching of a great mentor Sir Syed Kazim Ali. He is a CSS aspirant as well. Having done graduation in General Science, he delights in writing education blogs to enlighten people on various subjects.

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