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Dictatorship is much better (if not best) than democracy in a country like Pakistan where people love to be ruled, not rule.

The word dictatorship means the form of government in which absolute power is possessed by a dictator. This power includes some kingship or military government. Martial Law is the most happened event of dictatorship in the history of Pakistan. As a nation, we have less literacy rate, people here don’t know the power of public and how to raise voice for their rights. We haven’t practised it the way it should be.

Pakistan has seen more development and success in dictatorship rather than in democracy. In the view of history of sub-continent, our minds are developed in being ruled. People feel more comfortable and safe when they have rules and regulations to follow and they are accountable to them. Unfortunately, this country is always ruled by military whether in democracy or dictatorship, because the leaders elected are somehow run by military. In this context, the state can never prosper.  Elected people use democracy for their personal benefits. They create political, religious, and personality conflicts among people and divide the nation, where dictators work for the well-being of nation as a whole. It removes the concept of ‘might is right’ and ‘same rules for all’.

So dictatorship is much better in a country like Pakistan where people love to sit and criticise than to work.

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