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Cricket After Corona Pandemic

Cricket And Covid-19

A significant number of people were kept away from cricket due to the vicious corona Virus. Everyone was missing this game because it was tough to pass the time in lockdown. Corona Virus has unleashed a critical health situation unprecedented in magnitude. All the governments of different countries tried to held indoor cricket matches, but many officials refused to do so. Many cricketers refused to take part in cricket because of this pandemic. Finally, Pakistan and England Cricket Board have joined hand in hand to organize a test series in July 2020. After four and a half months, Pakistan decided to visit England to play a three-match test series. Pakistan had announced its team including all those players that were medically cleared.

Pakistani team will stay around two months there. Talking to the Media, Pakistani team’s chief selectors Misbah Ul Haq said that, boys are very confident of winning the matches in Lords so that they can repeat history. Pakistani ODI team’s skipper Babur Azam said that he is very impressed by the performance of his team. On the other hand, the mega event of international cricket, the Asia Cup, has been suspended due to the unavailibity of players. Every country is trying its best to defeat the coronavirus and open the doors of cricket for the audience.

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