Basic English Grammar and Writing Course for Competitive Aspirants

The Basic English grammar and writing course is a fairly comprehensive route prepared and designed by Sir Syed Kazim Ali to help passionate learners and competitive aspirants have a good command of English structuring, composition, and writing.

Being the international vehicle of communication and understood by over eighty per cent of the world population, the English language holds immense importance in all education institutes. Its significance is all the more increased when it comes to preparing to launch oneself into the world of civil and management services, for public administrators are a country’s face in the international arena. Thus, the language has a central place in the national curriculum of Pakistan as well. Moreover, the competitive examinations in the country, like MDCAT, ECAT, PMA, PAF, PN, GAT, SAT, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, CSS, PMS, etc., have a significant portion of English language proficiency and practical usage questions. The biggest mistake a student makes while preparing for competitive exams is that he thinks that buying bundles of grammar books can help him qualify for the examination, but the reality is the opposite. Although cramming grammatical errors can help him identify the essential parts of speech – that too with lots of time, learning how to apply grammar in the write-ups and solve corrections needs a proper mentor and continuous evaluations. Whether written or verbal, to let your voice be heard, you must learn the art of saying it right. To understand how to write, what verbs to use, appropriate vocabulary, and correct grammar usage, it is important to have a foundation for English grammar. Even if you know grammar, you need to learn basic tenses and their practical application in the write-ups so that others understand and decode your message correctly. Thus, joining the right mentor for the right subject not only expands your vocabulary but also opens up a world of possibilities for you to interact freely without restrictions or hesitations.

What is the Basic English Grammar and Writing course?

The Basic English grammar and writing course is a fairly comprehensive route prepared and designed by Sir Syed Kazim Ali – the best English writing coach worldwide and the CSS, PMS English coach with the highest passing ratio of his students in Pakistan – to help passionate learners and competitive aspirants have a good command of English composition. The course is reasonably all-encompassing that revises some complex grammar points you might not have understood before – such as the uses of articles, determiners, prepositions, phrasal verbs, and tenses. Furthermore, detailed explanatory concepts and extensive practice exercises help you understand, grip, and practice English expressions upon which written communication stands. Moreover, Miss Syeda Saba, the best English Grammar coach in Pakistan, together with Miss Iqra Ali, the best blogging coach, has arranged the course by considering candidates taking competitive exams, such as CSS, PMS, FIA, ANF, ASF, IB, MOD, NAB, LAW GAT, and other one paper commission exams. The course is a set of rules and deals with the nature of parts of speech and their forms, functions, and relations in the sentence, the building block of written and spoken communication. Further, the course helps the learners understand how grammatical errors are fixed and how appropriate vocabulary can transfer their thoughts to others on the internet or on paper. On the one hand, Miss Syeda Saba helps you comprehend concepts of English grammar from the basic to the intermediate levels that you might not have understood before – such as the uses of articles, determiners, prepositions, phrasal verbs, and tenses. Her detailed explanatory concepts and extensive practice exercises help you understand, grip, and practice English expressions upon which written communication stands. While on the other hand, Miss Iqra Ali teaches you the basics of writing, including paragraph writing, story writing, and blog writing. To help the writers stand out among thousands of English learners and writers, you are given an opportunity to get your articles published with CssprepforumHowfiv, and Howwrites

Course Details:

Coaches NamesSir Syed Kazim Ali
Miss Syeda Saba
Miss Iqra Ali
Miss Minahil Mohsin
Course Availability August, November, Feburary
Course TimingsMorning (After 10 am)
Evening (After 6 pm)
Course Starts OnNovember 11, 2022
Lecture ModalityOnline (via Zoom)
Lecture per Week3 to 4
Course Duration3 Months
Available Seats15 to 20
Class Size 15 Students
Course FeeRs. 7,000/M for the Evening Session
Rs. 6,000/M for the Morning Session
Fee Concession
(if submitted collectively)
Rs. 18,000/-
Rs. 15,000/-
Admins’ WhatsApp No#0332-6105842

What will you learn in this session?

As the course is specifically designed for elementary and intermediate students, you will learn the following in the class.
⇛ Tenses
⇛ Voices & Narrations
⇛ Articles & Prepositions Usage
⇛ Parts of Speech Identifications
⇛ Sentence Structuring
⇛ Sentence Corrections
⇛ Modal Verbs Usage
⇛ Basics of Paragraph Writing
⇛ Blog Writing
⇛ Story Writing

How do you get recognition from the Basic English Grammar and Writing Course?

Whoever successfully qualifies for the final test conducted by Sir Syed Kazim Ali will be allowed to get his thoughts published on CPF or Howfiv websites – Pakistan’s top sites visited by millions of students.

Course Outline:

Words, especially parts of speech and vocabulary with their appropriate uses, are the essential components of English communication; understanding their functions is paramount. Apart from it, knowing how to use appropriate words, structures, and expressions in sentences contextually is also vital for English learners. The Basic English Grammar and Writing Course is designed to help students concentrate on the appropriate usage of parts of speech in their daily writing. By making students understand the grammatically proper use of words in various contexts, the course helps entrance and competitive students and professionals take their writing skills to a zenith. Hence, the course details are as follows:

Lecture – 1: Sentence

⇛ What is a sentence?
⇛ The Parts of a Sentence
What is a subject? (Basic to Advanced)
⇛ Subjects Connectors (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Sentence Varieties
⇛ Important Punctuation

Lecture – 2: Parts of Speech (Noun)

⇛ Kinds of Noun
⇛ Characteristics of Noun (Case)
⇛ Number
⇛ Gender

Lecture – 3: Parts of Speech (Pronoun)

⇛ Personal Pronouns
⇛ Indefinite Pronouns
⇛ Interrogative Pronouns
⇛ Quantitative Pronouns
⇛ Relative Pronouns
⇛ Reflexive Pronouns
⇛ Emphatic/Intensive Pronouns
⇛ Demonstrative Pronouns
⇛ Distributive Pronouns

Lecture – 4: Parts of Speech (Verb)

⇛ Transitive Verb
⇛ Double Transitive
⇛ Transitive Verbs of Incomplete Predication
⇛ Intransitive Verb
⇛ Linking Verb
⇛ Conjugation of Verb
⇛ Finite & Non-Finite Forms of Verbs

Lecture – 5: Parts of Speech (Adjective)

⇛ Articles
⇛ Positions of Adjective
⇛ Adjectives in Sentence
⇛ Adjective of Quality
⇛ Adjective & Preposition
⇛ Quantitative Adjectives
⇛ Demonstrative Adjectives
⇛ Distributive Adjectives
⇛ Proper Adjectives
⇛ Possessive Adjectives
⇛ Order of Adjectives
⇛ Comparison
⇛ Irregular Comparisons
⇛ Determiners

Lecture – 6: Parts of Speech (Adverb)

⇛ Adverbs Modifying Verbs (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Adverb or Preposition (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Adverbs Modifying Adverbs (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ The Place of Adverb (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Adverbs of Frequency (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Order of Adverb (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Adverbs of Opinion (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Adverbs of Degree (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Interrogative Adverbs (Rules, Errors & Usage)

Lecture – 7: Parts of Speech (Preposition)

⇛ Adverb or Preposition
⇛ Usage of some Important Prepositions

Lecture – 8: Parts of Speech (Conjunction)

⇛ Coordinating Conjunctions (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Subordinating Conjunctions (Rules, Errors & Usage)

Lecture – 9: Parts of Speech (Interjection)

Lecture – 10: Parts of Speech (Verbal)

⇛ The Gerund (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Infinitives (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ The Participle (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Present Participle (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Past Participle (Rules, Errors & Usage)

Lecture – 11: Parts of Speech (Revision)

⇛ Summary of Parts of Speech

Lecture – 12: Parts of Speech (Revision)

⇛ Words Used as Different Parts of Speech

Lecture – 13: The Article, Rules, Errors & Usage

⇛ Indefinite Articles
⇛ The Definite Article
⇛ No Article is Needed
⇛ Model Sentences

Lecture – 14: Model Sentences

⇛ Noun (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Pronoun (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Verb (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Adjective (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Adverb (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Preposition (Rules, Errors & Usage)
⇛ Conjunction (Rules, Errors & Usage)

Lecture – 15: Punctuation

⇛ What are Punctuation Marks?
⇛ Punctuation Marks used at the end of the Sentence
⇛ Punctuation Marks used within the Sentences

Lecture – 16: The Tenses

Present Tense:

⇛ Present Indefinite Tense
⇛ Present Continuous Tense
⇛ Present Perfect Tense
⇛ Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Past Tense:

⇛ Past Indefinite Tense
⇛ Past Continuous Tense
⇛ Past Perfect Tense
⇛ Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Future Tense:

⇛ Future Indefinite Tense
⇛ Future Continuous Tense
⇛ Future Perfect Tense
⇛Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Lecture – 17: Conditional Sentences

Lecture – 18: Model Verbs & Usage

Lecture – 19: Active Voice & Passive Voice

Lecture – 20: Direct & Indirect Speech

Lecture – 21: The Syntax & Analysis of Sentences Mood, Phrases, Clauses, Synthesis & Transformation

Lecture – 22: Comprehension

Lecture – 23: Precis

Lecture – 24: Paragraph Writing

Lecture – 25: Essay Writing

Lecture – 26: Blog Writing

Lecture – 27: Story Writing

  • 400 Vocabulary Words (By Sir Syed Kazim Ali)
  • 300 Modern Vocabulary Words (By Sir Syed Kazim Ali)
  • Synonyms & Antonyms (By Sir Syed Kazim Ali)
  • Homophones (By Sir Syed Kazim Ali)
  • Idiomatic Expressions (By Sir Syed Kazim Ali)
  • Important Phrasal Verb (By Sir Syed Kazim Ali)
  • Confused Words (By Sir Syed Kazim Ali)
  • One Word Substitution (By Sir Syed Kazim Ali)
  • Important Proverbs (By Sir Syed Kazim Ali)
  • Important English Expressions (By Sir Syed Kazim Ali)
  • Important Similes & Metaphors (By Sir Syed Kazim Ali)

What students will learn in the course?

By the end, students will be able to:

⇛ Understand the basics of English grammar and writing.
⇛ Improve their writing by understanding and comprehending the rules of grammar and its usage.
⇛ Master the use of the English language by learning the parts of speech, correct punctuation, and sentence and paragraph structure.
⇛ Learn to avoid fragments, run-on sentences, and comma splices.
⇛ Master subject-verb agreement.
⇛ Be empowered by writing clearly, more effectively, and with confidence and grace.
⇛ Learn how to compose an essay.
⇛ Develop the command of grammar and language necessary to succeed in higher education or teach effectively in elementary, middle, and/or secondary schools.
⇛ Increase the likelihood of job advancement and promotion because of their NEW command of English Grammar and basic writing.
⇛ Take IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GAT, GMAT, FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, AJKPSC, GBPSC, KPPSC, NTS, and other competitive and entrance exams.

How to Register?

Any interested, passionate English learner can register himself or herself for the Course by contacting any of the course admins on WhatsApp 0332-6105842 0300-6322446

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