Why Is Traveling Important For A CSS, PMS Aspirant?

Why Is Traveling Important For A CSS, PMS Aspirant

Studying for a competitive exam is not a child’s play. However, travelling is the only source to rejuvenate. It cures depression, increases creativity, breaks the comfort zone, and much more.

Preparing for a competitive exam like CSS and PMS is a long and hectic journey. The aspirants go through boring daily routines, redundant tasks, and strenuous monthly targets. Moreover, the burden of a lengthy syllabus, abundant reading, and intensive answer writing makes it difficult for the candidates to continue their journey for long. Thus, having a break for a short time from the monotonous routine refreshes the students and reenergizes them for their future work. Nonetheless, the question “Why is travelling important for a competitive aspirant?” is often ignored, whereas travelling is the only solution to maintain motivation, discipline, and consistency during the exams’ preparation. Likewise, travelling, either for one day or several days, relaxes students’ minds, providing them several health benefits. It helps them meditate, overcome their comfort zone, and improve their creativity. Many students avoid going out during their preparation; however, involving in recreational activities like travel provides them ways to increase their efficiency and embellish their performance for better and more effective preparation. The article below comprehensively discusses the importance of travelling for a CSS/PMS candidate.

Traveling cures depression and anxiety

One in every ten CSS/PMS candidates faces minor, or sometimes major, depression. The reasons are either failure in achieving the daily targets or in clearing the attempts. Moreover, thinking much about the future like “CSS clear ho ga ya nahi ho ga” and unsuccessful execution of daily plans such as “ye topic complete nahi Hwa aj” make an aspirant anxious about the exam. Consequently, the student’s mental health gets affected, making it difficult to concentrate and focus on their studies. Also, anxiety and depression kill their motivation for the exam, so they end up giving on to their most coveted dream, CSS/PMS. Nevertheless, travelling is one of the best solutions to regain motivation and fight against depression and anxiety. Even a short visit to a place full of nature, beauty, or adventure enables the candidates to obstruct negative thoughts and pay attention to the beauty around them. Therefore, positivity, an essential element for efficient performance, is induced among the aspirants. As travelling gives them positive energy, students return to their previous work with more enthusiasm and passion. They find their work more enjoyable, and, hence, their performance gets better day by day.

Traveling helps meditate

Meditation is the world-renowned technique for self-control and self-analysis. It helps a person re-discover himself, analyzing past mistakes and upcoming plans critically. As travelling involves connecting to different beautiful places and, above all, nature, students can meditate during their trips to get maximum benefits from their break. Moreover, meditation in a peaceful environment, full of natural beauty, lets aspirants think about their weaknesses and shortcomings, necessary to avoid clearing the exam. It also strengthens a person spiritually, giving him self-control and self-resilience. Therefore, connecting to mother nature heals internal and spiritual loopholes of an aspirant, which are necessary to overcome to ace the exam. Likewise, peace of mind, which comes through meditation, is another significant advantage of travelling. During a peaceful trip, a candidate relaxes and rejuvenates, which gives him self-possession and equanimity. As a result, he contemplates the beautiful and positive side of the picture that, ultimately, helps him in his preparation. Henceforth, travelling improves spiritual health, which, in turn, makes his CSS/PMS journey easy and enjoyable.  

Travelling breaks the comfort zone

Furthermore, going to a new place takes students out of their comfort zone. The Comfort zone limits the skills and growth of an individual, binding him to his fears. Being in the Zone, a person lacks self-confidence and avoids dealing with challenges and problems. Notwithstanding, since CSS/PMS demands new skills and involves various challenges, stepping out from his comfort zone is crucial for an aspirant. So, when a candidate travels, he experiences a new and challenging environment. Also, a lot of planning, management, and decision-making is required for travelling. Even for a short trip, these strategies are helpful. Hence, while travelling, when a student has to perform all these techniques simultaneously, he learns how to plan, manage, and decide effectively. As a result, he explores and analyzes his abilities. He starts thinking critically and differently, which, in turn, helps him during his CSS/PMS/UPSC journey. Although the comfort zone obstructs his growth and progress, the aspirant can overcome all his fears and deficiencies by defeating his comfort zone.

Traveling burgeons creativity

Creativity, the ability to perceive things differently, comes with travelling. Travelling gives a lot of exposure and a multi-dimensional approach to deal situations, increasing people’s ingenuity. Also, travelling to different places inculcates different ideas and viewpoints, increasing the power to imagine and innovate. Since CSS/PMS not only tests a candidate’s memory but also tests his inventiveness, an aspirant outshines among others when he solves questions based on his creativity and problem-solving technique. He grabs 700+ marks if his answers are solution-oriented and, above all, unique. Furthermore, a candidate can write exceptional and targeted solutions only when he has seen a problem through multiple perspectives. Consequently, his answers become more precise and extraordinary. For instance, the candidates from international universities usually score high positions because they have travelled a lot, giving them different and unique perspectives. As travelling opens multivarious arenas for a candidate, he can take maximum benefits from his travel that help him prepare well for the exam.

“CSS is not just about books and memorizing things. Everything around a candidate plays its role in his journey; even, a billboard on the road can contribute diverse outlooks to his preparation.”

In a nutshell, travelling is a very crucial part of life. It is the best way to come out of the busy schedule and return to work with more positive energy. An aspirant of a competitive exam learns a lot through travel. Exploring new places broadens his horizon, helping him to think differently and uniquely. The more unique aspirants are in their answers more marks they grab in CSS/PMS exams. These exams appreciate new ideas and viewpoints of candidates as they are about running the bureaucracy of a country. Consequently, travelling facilitates the students in their written, interview, and psychological preparation. A candidate, undoubtedly, need not stick to the books and his work desk only; in fact, he must come out of his study room and explore the world to add value to his preparation.

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