What are Pesticides? Explain their different types; why persistent pesticides are more lethal for mankind? (Source CSS GSA Paper 2020)


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What are Pesticides? Explain their different types; why persistent pesticides are more lethal for mankind? CSS General Science and Ability Paper (CSS GSA 2020 Solved Paper)

Solving a CSS paper either compulsory or optional, is an art that helps scoring an aspirant maximum marks. No teacher, no book, no academy tell students how to attempt a paper in the CSS exam. They only tell aspirants to cram maximum data or rely on notes they publish and sell. As a result, the CSS aspirants remain unable to score maximum, especially in GSA paper. The recent result of CSS 2020 (CE-20) has revealed the fact that the maximum number of students who qualify for the CE-20 written exam were those who never joined academies for their preparation.
On the other hand, not to speak of scoring good marks, aspirants who joined academies, followed their out-dated advice, memorizing books were even failed in multiple subjects. The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) of Pakistan has changed the way of marking papers, as they started having the services of distinguished and experienced professors – rather than CSS officers – when it comes to set papers and check them. Thus, To help and guide my fellows, juniors, colleagues, and aspirants how to attempt the paper to fetch the maximum marks, I have decided to solve all the GSA past papers. I have been guiding CSS aspirants and telling the art of attempting GSA paper since 2018, as I scored 73 in General Science and Ability Paper in CE-18. I am hopeful that, like others who followed my pattern and attempted the GSA paper, scored between 70 to 80, anybody who follows the guideline will make it through with flying colours. Let’s begin with how to breakdown the questions and to solve them.

How to solve the topic if it is asked in the CSS exam in Pakistan.

Dear fellows, GSA paper in the CSS exam requires relevant and to the point answer. Unlike essay writing or other 20 marks questions, you have to hit the question directly. I have explained the breakdown in detail “Hereunder” so that every one of you could understand how to score well in your CSS GSA paper. Let’s read the given question twice and thrice and try to understand what the examiner has asked you to write on.

Techniques to attempt the General Science and Ability Paper:

The question carries 5 marks and is divided into 3 parts, “What are pesticides?”, “Types of pesticides”, and “The hazards of pesticides for mankind”. It means the 1.5 marks is set for the first 2 parts of the question, and 2 marks are set for the last part of the question.

Unlike other compulsory and optional papers where we have the option to write maximum, the GSA paper requires you to be specific because no extra marks are awarded on the basis of length of the answer. So, what all you need to do is to answer what has been asked.

To score the 1.5 marks, you have to define pesticides in your own words and the way you feel ok with. Because the FPSC examiner always awards maximum marks to those who use their words and thoughts on the given topic. The length of the definition is up to you. Whether you define pesticides precisely within 2 to 3 sentence or you write a paragraph on it that helps examiner understand that you know the topic, it is perfectly alright. The examiner will award you full marks. When done, see whether your definition is strong enough to fetch you full marks or not. If yes, move to the second part. If no, then, make it brief and all comprehensive.

The second part of the question is about the explanation of the types of pesticides (Don’t write only the names of them). If you know all of its types write them down one by one and explain them in 1 to 3 sentences. Don’t worry if you don’t remember all of the types of pesticides if you know 2 to 3 of them and explain them thoroughly, he will definitely award you full marks. Never lose heart, go for what you recall that time.

The last part of the question requires you throw some light on the hazards of persistent pesticides for mankind.

Here you need to tell the examiner why they are hazardous for mankind. Relax, and try to recall what you have learnt while preparing for the CSS exam. If 2 to 3 hazards popup in your mind and you explain them in your way, you are done. The FPSC examiner is not there to judge you one the basis of books, notes, and data you memorized, he is there to see and judge whether an aspirant has an idea about the given topic or not.

At the end of the techniques, I have solved the question, and explained it briefly so that you can learn the art and information to score above 80 I.A.

What are Pesticides?

The chemical substances that are meant to kill pests are called pesticides. Generally, they are chemical and biological agents, i.e. bacterium, virus, or antimicrobial, which either kill or deter pests. Pesticides are commonly used to control or eliminate a variety of agriculture pests, and to help promote livestock or agriculture productivity. The most widely used pesticides are insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

Types of Pesticides:

According to their functions, pesticides are divided into multiple types. They are following:

1- Insecticides (Kill insects)

The pesticides that are used to kill insects are called insecticides. They are primarily used to incapacitate or kill pests that carry diseases.

2- Herbicides (Kill plants)

The pesticides that are primarily used to kill unwanted plants are called herbicides. They are also known as weed-killers.

3- Rodenticides or Rodents (kill rats and mice)

The pesticides that are generally used to kill rodents are called rodenticides. They are also known as rodents because the term “rodents” includes rats, mice, squirrels, woodchucks, chipmunks, beavers, and voles.

4- Bactericides (Kill bacteria)

The pesticides that kill bacteria is called bactericides. They are disinfectants, antiseptics, or antibiotic.

5- Fungicides (Kill fungi)

The pesticides or biocidal chemicals, which are primarily used to kill parasitic fungi and their spores, are called fungicides.

6- Larvicides (Kill larva)

The pesticides that specifically used to kill or inhibit the growth of larva are called larvicides. They are generally a sub-type of insecticides.

Why Persistent Pesticides are more Lethal for Mankind:

Based on how biodegradable pesticides are, they are further divided into 2 categories: biodegradable and persistent. The biodegradable pesticides are broken down by microbes into harmless compounds; whereas, the persistent pesticides are those that may take years to be broken down. That is the reason persistent pesticides are considered more lethal for mankind.

The persistent pesticides consist of organochlorine and stay for a longer period in the environment. Unlike other biodegradable pesticides, they make the environment highly effective. Because of their persistence in the environment, they are stored in human fat tissues and a human body takes much time to break them down. According to scientific studies, the maximum exposure of human to persistent pesticides cause headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, skin diseases, and, above all, breast cancer. All of these diseases make persistent pesticides highly lethal to mankind. Although the use of persistent pesticides has been banned in many countries, many countries, still, allow their use.

Your answer should end here, I have written some more effects of persistent pesticides to help you understand how persistent pesticides can harm us. I need your cooperation to help all aspirants who are being exploited financially and psychologically by academies. Kindly, share the article with all of your friends and colleagues who are preparing or planning to go for the CSS exam. I might help them and save their money and energy.

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If any aspirant needs any GSA paper solved, feel free to ask me. I will try my level best to solve each topic with a breakdown I.A.

More Effects of Pesticides

Pesticides, along with providing many benefits, also have some side effects that are as follows;

  • Environmental Effect

The use of chemical pesticides pollutes the environment. Although pesticide spray remains for a short time, it is dangerous to human health.

  • Effects on Crop and Soils

Heavy usage of pesticides degrades the quality of soil that leads to poor quality crops. It reduces their nutritional values and is harmful to the health of living things.

  • Health Effects

Pesticides are injurious to human health; they have short and long term effects. Short term effects are called “Acute,” and the long term effects are known as “Chronic.” Acute effects include breathing issues, eye irritation, rashes, etc.; whereas, chronic effects are neurological problems, cancers, congenital disabilities, etc.


Pesticides are useful to eradicate pests that cause damage to crops and yield. They save crops from destruction and farmers from economic loss. However, excessive use of pesticides causes many health and environmental problems.

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To have all the solved papers of General Science and Ability (GSA), visit my page frequently and like my Facebook Page or follow me on Instagram. I inform all of my readers at FB and Insta whenever I publish any of my article across the internet. To have all the solved papers of General Science and Ability (GSA), visit my page frequently and like my Facebook Page or follow me on Instagram. I inform all of my readers at FB and Insta whenever I publish any of my article across the internet.

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