Status of Women In Islam




                         To understand what Status of Women In Islam, it is necessary to perceive what Islam has established for women. Is there any place for women’s rights in Islam? Has Islam made the status of women ambiguous individually, socially, politically, and in economic issues as well? Women in early civilization

  • How does Allah see a woman? 
  • What social privileges does a Muslim woman enjoy? 
  • How Islam provides economic independence to a woman?
  • Does Islam provide political rights to a woman? 

 Critical Analysis



Islam is a complete code of life that guides mankind in every sphere of life. Islamic society represents a notion of human rights and duties, in which the status of men and women is equally important. Nevertheless, the Islamic approach refers to equity rather than equality that means the rights and responsibilities of women are equal to those of men; however, they are not necessarily identical. The position of women in a society where Islam is implemented proves that Islam is a special blessing for women. The arrival of Islam, hence, has given recognition and realization of rights to women in society.

Women in Early civilization

 In The Cultural Atlas of Islam, a book that describes Islamic civilization, the author has written that before Islam, a woman was regarded by her parents as a threat to family honor, and, hence, worthy of getting buried alive in infancy. As an adult, she was sold, bought, exploited, and inherited. From this position of inferiority and legal incapacity, Islam raised women to a height of influence and prestige in family and society. In short, women had no will or identity before the arrival of Islam, and men were considered their sole proprietor entitled to barter them or dispose them in any manner they want.

Spiritual aspect for Women

The sacred text of Quran has made it clear no man is superior to women; rather, all are equal in the kingdom of Almighty God. Every person is responsible for whatever he does, as written in Quran:

“Every soul will be (held) in pledged for his deeds” Al-Quran (74:38)

In the above ayah, Quran disapproves the myth that Eve tempted Adam (A.S) to disobey God and, thus, negates the concept of calling a woman an evil source. Precisely, no woman is responsible for any man’s actions; she is equally vital to life as a man.

Social Aspects of women Rights

By comparing the early societies with today’s modern world, the difference is that in ancient times, newborn girls were buried; however, now they are murdered in infancy. The Quran forbade this custom by considering it a serious crime,

And when the female buried alive – is questioned, for what crime she was killed?” ( Al Quran, 81:8-9)

Moreover, Islam allows a woman to choose a partner of her choice; she cannot be forced to marry someone she doesn’t want to. Almighty mentions in the Quran:

 And they (women) have rights similar to those (of men) over them, and men are a degree above them. (Qur’an 2:228).

Only degree that a man has, over his woman, is he is her protector, nevertheless, it is based on the natural differences of men and women. Last but not least, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W clearly defined the status of mother by saying, “Paradise is at the feet of mothers.”(Al-Hadith)

Women’s Economic Aspect of Islam

 Islam has provided not only physical protection but also legal and financial protection to a woman. She is an independent owner of her belongings and property, and no one can compel her to give up on her property. Moreover, Islam never decrees women seeking employment whenever she needs it, but it must suit her nature. In addition to it, Islam has restored the right of inheritance in property by making it clear that her share is only hers, and no one can claim it.

Political Aspects 

Islam also supports a woman to participate in public affairs, either at the local or international level, of her country. It means that like a man, a woman also has the right to participate in elections as well as to access to political and administrative offices until she’s acting upon the Islamic doctrines and teachings.

Critical Analysis 

It is time to terminate the myth that a Muslim woman is oppressed, and Islamic teachings donot imprison her in four walls. Likewise, campaigners of women empowerment in the modern world are also increasing gradually. Many words have been noted down about the rights and privileges of women in society, but no literal meanings have been given to this notion yet. For a nation to prosper, women should be given natural rights as specified by Islam. Meanwhile, society must try to fabricate a brief mindset about how Islam has empowered women in all aspects of life.


Islam is a religion that encompasses morality as an essential part of its faith. The Islamic concept of modesty always supports the equality of men and women by clarifying that women’s inclination lies in pleasing, supporting, and comforting their men: fathers, brothers, husbands, or sons. In return, men owe them protection and support in every aspect of life. Hence, to reclaim women’s rights in a society, the only solution is to build a cohesive and global movement that will empower women and provide liberation.

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