Online Learning is Convenient and More Effective than Traditional Classroom Instruction.

Online Learning is Convenient and More Effective than Traditional Classroom Instruction.

The following article is written by Hifsa Darvesh, a student of Sir Syed Kazim Ali. Moreover, the article is written on the same pattern, taught by Sir to his students, scoring the highest marks in compulsory subjects for years. Sir Kazim has uploaded his students’ solved past paper questions so other thousands of aspirants can understand how to crack a topic or question, how to write relevantly, what coherence is, and how to include and connect ideas, opinions, and suggestions to score the maximum.

Each passing moment brings forth unparalleled discoveries, unveiling the world of endless opportunities powered by the marvels of modern technology. In recent years, the advancement in digital technology and the internet have revolutionized the mode of education through the online learning system – the instruction delivered electronically through the internet and multimedia platforms. Undoubtedly, online learning has made the life of students more convenient and efficient than traditional schooling, breaking geographic and social barriers, providing innovative technical learning methods and creating a conducive environment for learning. In fact, where traditional classroom learning has held the crown for ages, the online learning mode has reshaped the landscape of modern education in several ways. To illustrate, online learning grants flexibility and retention to learners, allowing them to record lectures and retain study material at their convenience. Moreover, it has been more helpful for female students with conservative families, providing them equal opportunities as males, ultimately bridging the gender gap. Likewise, e-learning is cost-effective and time-saving, giving students exposure and personalization and providing them with the best human resources globally. Last but not least, the online learning system has been proven a bed of roses for the shy, less confident, and those pupils who cannot bear the pressure given at traditional schools, which makes them more prone to the risks of depression and anxiety. Although traditional classroom instruction has been the fundamental method of imparting knowledge for ages, e-learning, online instruction, and multimedia platforms have modernized and revolutionized the learning process, making it more convenient and efficient than traditional schooling.

 “When I wanted to learn something outside of school as a kid, cracking open my World Book encyclopedia was the best I could do. Today, all you have to do is go online’’

Bill Gates

Online learning refers to the process of acquiring knowledge or skills through digital technologies, multimedia platforms, and the internet. It is also known as e-learning or virtual learning. Instead of face-to-face interaction in a traditional classroom, online learning allow students to access educational content, using computers, laptops, and smart-phones. Hence, it is such a convenient approach that allows learners to access course materials, interact with instructors, and complete assignments through online platforms without the need for physical attendance in a traditional classroom setting.

Undoubtedly, online learning has started standing firm in the world of education after the Covid-19 outbreak, when the mode of learning changed from brick-and-mortar schooling to e-learning and has left the world with comparatively more advantages, proving it to be more convenient and efficient than the former one. To begin with, the flexible and retentive nature of e-learning has proved it to be a piece of cake for students. For example, an application, named Zoom, unlike the traditional school system, allows students to record their online delivered lectures on smart phones and laptops. And they can retain the study material, which ultimately, is 24/7 accessible to them in future, in case they miss their class owing to whatsoever reason. Hence, e-learning is more convenient and efficient than traditional classroom instruction.

Furthermore, the online learning system has proved to be a powerful tool in overcoming the gender gap in acquiring education, providing equal opportunities to females with families that do not approve of women’s education. According to the Virtual University of Pakistan, the institution got 45% rise in online female enrollments in higher education programs from 2020 onwards. Thus, the innovation has helped thousands of females, with conservative family backgrounds, bridging the gender gap and allowing them to acquire knowledge at their doorsteps per their convenience.

In addition, the online mode of learning is more time-saving than the traditional classroom setup. According to a journal published by the Bay Atlantic University Washington, 63% of students chose online learning as it saved their commuting time and got aligned with their current jobs. In this way, students save much of their commuting time, as they get facilitated at their doorsteps. And e-learning gets adapted to their fixed schedules, allowing them to balance education with work, family, or other commitments. Also, unlike traditional schooling, e-learning eliminates the other external hindrances coming in the way of the traditional schooling system, such as rain and bad weather. Hence, e-learning manifests to be more convenient and efficient than conventional school instruction.

Likewise, the online learning system is more cost-effective for students. From the expenses of commuting to meals, books, and accommodation, pupils have to spend a huge amount of money to meet the expenses required in the traditional schooling system. On the other hand, students can save a lot of money by adopting the convenient mode of learning- online learning- and can acquire education while sitting on their couches. As per a research article published by StudyLink, one can save £6,000 to £7,200 per year in the UK, depending on the varying cost of hostels, commuting, meals, hard form of study material, and visa. Thus, it is evident from the above-mentioned report that e-learning is cost-effective, proving it to be more convenient and efficient than brick-and-mortar school instruction.

In addition to its cost-effective nature, e-learning gives exposure to learners and provides them with the best kind of human resources, especially students from developing countries. In traditional classroom instruction, students rely on one teacher or more broadly, one school. On the other hand, online learning lets students meet new people from different cultures worldwide. It also gives students a diverse range of online courses from the top accredited universities, which is not possible in conventional schooling. For example, the world’s prestigious educational institutions, such as the London School of Economics, the University of Derby, the University of Harvard etc, offer online courses, resulting in providing the best kind of human resources. Hence,the online learning mode imparts learners knowledge, not making them rely on limited courses like traditional classroom learning.

Furthermore, the online mode of imparting knowledge provides students with personalization and self-regulation. As evidence, a software, named Gradescope, allows students to personalize their schedules, giving them timely reminders on their gadgets, and assisting them with their homework assignments. Moreover, the software also helps students in grading their examinations and lets them know their learning gaps. Thus, it is evident that the online method of learning is not only more convenient but also efficient than conventional classroom learning.

Moreover, e-learning has been endorsed as a piece of cake for students who are shy, less confident, or cannot bear the study pressure given by teachers in traditional classrooms. According to research by American Psychological Association, 65% of students have been exposed to increased risks of anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts owing to pressure given at school. It means that students cannot tolerate the strict behaviour of teachers in traditional school learning and can become vulnerable to mental issues, resulting in less efficiency of students. Hence, the online mode of learning has proven to be convenient and more efficient than the face-to-face learning method.

Conclusively, the advancement in digital technology and the internet have made the learning process convenient and more effective than brick-and-mortar schooling, resulting in the breaking of social and geographic barriers throughout the world. No doubt, the outbreak of Covid19 has given promoted e-learning in a very advantageous way. To illustrate, the online learning method provides students with flexibility and retention, resulting in saving their precious time, as well as filling the gender gaps, providing equal opportunities to females as men at their doorsteps. Moreover, this innovative mode of learning has proved to be cost-effective. Furthermore, it provides students with the personalization of their study schedules, gives them exposure around the world, and grants them the best human resources. Therefore, the digital mode of learning is not only convenient but also more effective than the conventional schooling system.

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