How to Write and Publish a Blog on Cssprepforum (CPF)? Best for CSS, PMS Aspirants

How to Write and Publish a Blog on Cssprepforum (CPF)?

If you have a story to tell, knowledge to share, an answer to a question, or a perspective to offer — Cssprepforum is the only website in Pakistan that can help you recognize and have a far-larger recognition among millions of competitive students. So let’s join the community of competitive writers and start getting your writing published with us to impact society positively and become prominent on Google. 

Writing has been the only thing that assures CSS, PMS aspirants success. And getting your writings published with your name faster with Cssprepforum helps you effectively connect with thousands of CSS, PMS aspirants daily. Moreover, the practice helps you confidently give your thoughts words to qualify for the exams and gives you a far-larger recognition among millions of competitive students.

Cssprepforum (CPF) is Pakistan’s most significant and extraordinary CSS, PMS preparatory and emerging blogging website. The website is the brainchild of Sir Syed Kazim Ali, the top CSS, PMS English essay and precis coach with the highest success rate of his students countrywide. More than 60,000 CSS, PMS aspirants visit the website to prepare themselves for the exams and learn the art of attempting the question that Sir Syed Kazim Ali teaches his students, who have been scoring the highest marks for years. Besides, the website has been a hub of the best writers and bloggers, especially Sir Kazim’s students who qualified for the CSS, PMS exams and are officers, lecturers, writers, and aspirants. To help competitive students, passionate writers, and bloggers grow their impacts in society, Cssprepforum has introduced an opportunity to get their write-ups, stories, articles, essays, and blogs published at the forum under their name. As it is a fact that whoever writes his ideas and thoughts generally qualifies for the exams, getting your write-ups published on the Cssprepforum always helps you prepare for the exams and have a far-larger recognition across the country. On the contrary, most Pakistani magazines, journals, and newspapers ask for write-ups, essays, and stories to publish on a paper that only gives writers a minimal space of recognition. In the long run, those writing vanish because nobody keeps those journals with him. However, Cssprepforum helps aspirants, qualifiers, teachers, lecturers, passionate writers, and officers have an unending recognition by getting their write-ups published on the website. The CPF has already helped dozens of competitive students get online writing jobs, along with their CSS, PMS preparation, and a far better recognition through their writings. Let me explain to you how to write a blog on Cssprepforum to have an impregnable impact. 

Writing has been the primary source of preparation and self-recognition. It has been the only tool upon which your work and intellect are judged and examined. To write a blog on CPF is a dream of many but fulfilled by a few because of the quality site always tries to maintain. As hundreds of thousands of competitive aspirants visit the website, by writing a blog on CPF, you can share ideas, knowledge, and information with thousands of competitive aspirants, ready to praise you and help you have an impact. In this blog, you will know how to write a blog on Cssprepforum. Moreover, in this article, you will learn a top to toe every inch of writing a blog, from choosing the suitable blog topics and picking the proper format for your blog to selecting perfect images that generate engagement and interest for your readers towards enhancing your reader. By the time you’re done reading this, you will have a clear idea of writing perfect blog content that effectively communicates your opinion and ideas that stand out from other articles on the web.

How to become an author on CPF?

If you want to become an author on CPF and get your articles published on the website, you have to follow the following process.

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. City
  4. Qualifications
  5. Designation (if any)
  6. Contact
  7. Email

Send the following particulars to any of our representatives on WhatsApp at 0332-6105842. And you also required to send us any of your written article. Our representative will contact you within the next 5 working days.

Eight Steps to Write a Blog or an Article on Cssprepforum:


Topic: Brainstorm and choose a topic by considering the users (students) that visit the website daily. Suppose your topic is related to current affairs, Pakistan affairs, Islamiat, general science and ability, political science, international relations, travelling, clothing, food, or amazing facts. In that case, they are generally read by our visitors. 


Title: Give your topic a title. The title is important in a story, blog, or article because thousands of aspirants visiting the website always search their titles in the search box. If your title is related to a solved past paper question and has a quality in the body, none can stop you from having a far-larger recognition in the country. 


Content: When you have chosen a topic and its title, the next step is an outline. Giving an outline has been a compulsion from Sir Syed Kazim Ali, whose CSS, PMS students have been scoring the highest marks. Outlining the content and reading material always fascinates students, aspirants, and readers because it depicts where they start reading and what they will get at the end. Your title attracts a reader to land your blog; your outline forces him to read the rest. 


Facts: As hundreds of thousands of CSS, PMS aspirants and descriptive exams students visit Cssprepforum monthly – facts, stats, and reports are crucial to make them read and share your blog. So, always do good research before starting writing and getting it published on the Cssprepforum. 


Introduction: Introductory paragraph is the backbone of a blog or an article. If it is written explicitly – the way Sir Syed Kazim Ali teaches his students – it always helps you make readers read your blog and share but also helps you have a remarkable distinction across the country within months. So give the introductory paragraph its due importance; write it twice or thrice and check again and again. Coherence, relevance, and connections in the paragraph can take your voice to the level you always expect. If you do not know what an introductory paragraph is and how to write it, visit CSS Solved Pakistan Affairs Past Papers. Here questions are solved and attempted by Sir Kazim’s students who have nailed CSS, PMS and descriptive exams and scored above 70 in Pakistan Affairs and Current Affairs because of their attempting the questions. 


Blog Picture: A picture always fascinates and captivates the attention of every educated person. Although it is not a compulsion on the Cssprepforum before submitting a blog or an article, you can still design a picture that explains your topic. If you do not have a designer with you, Cssprepforum has designers to create and design photos according to your given title. 


Straight and Simple: Write as simple as you can because giving your ideas a difficult comprehension always distracts students. A lot of expressions, complex vocabulary, redundancy, and too much use of conditional sentences lead readers to leave your blogs and articles. 


Reread and Revise: Always reread and revise your article before emailing or submitting it to the Cssprepforum website. Because if your blog requires too much correction, the site rejects it and does not publish it. So, always give your final draft a read and see whether there are any mistakes, repetition, or redundancy left or not. 

Writing is the base upon which the recognition of a writer and success of a CSS, PMS aspirant stands. The more the writing expression – through continuous writing – the more the chances to grow and become successful. Moreover, getting your writing published in newspapers, journals, and magazines that do not have e-existence and do not provide you with a unique SEO-Based URL, cannot help you become a known person and secure an online job in the long run. Many of my CSS, PMS fellows were writing with many magazines in Pakistan, but any company never called them whenever they applied as content writers. Content writing, article writing, research writing, or writing on the Upwork, People per hour, etc., demands e-existence, not paper-existence. Furthermore, qualifying for the CSS, PMS exams requires aspirants to give their ideas a motion that can explain the examiner their viewpoints explicitly. Writing continuously on the Cssprepforum does not only help you have a far-larger recognition and helps you give your thoughts words correctly because each of the articles the site receives is checked by an expert before publishing it. 


However, although getting an article published on the Cssprepforum website always fascinates thousands of aspirants, students, and story writers, there are some rules you have to follow to become an author and have a shareable profile. 

1- How to create an author profile on the Cssprepforum?

Creating an author profile on the Cssprepforum website is very easy. If you are a teacher, lecturer, passionate writer, blogger, reviewer, or CSS, PMS aspirant or qualifier, you just need to contact any of our representatives at WhatsApp 0332-6105842. All you need to do is tell the representative that you are interested in creating a profile on the website and send them any of your published work – if you have any. If you do not have any, just send him any piece of your writing. If your writing is up to mark, you are ready to become an author on the website with your unique shareable URL. On the other hand, if your writing is not per our standards, our representatives help you with better and proper writing techniques. 

2- Are there any charges for creating an author profile on the forum?

Yes, there are one-time charges of creating a profile with a unique, shareable URL. The charges are Rs. 5,000/-. You do not need to pay us again; it is just a one-time charge. 

3- Will Cssprepforum teach us blog, article, and story writing?

No, usually, we do not teach any writer how to write a blog or story. But, if you are a passionate learner and want to become a writer on the Cssprepforum by creating a profile there, you will be offered the blogging course by Sir Syed Kazim Ali in just Rs. 8,000/- a month. In this course, you will be delivered 2 to 3 lectures a week on how to start blogging and writing. The course has no duration; some writers learn in a month; some take 2 to 3 months. Contact any of our representatives for further details. 

4- Are there any monthly charges for getting my blogs published on the Cssprepforum? 

Yes, there are monthly charges, Rs. 4,000/month. Each month, you will be charged; you can publish up to 10 blogs a month. If you are a CSS, PMS aspirant, young grad, teacher, or student, the charges are half for you – means you will be charged only Rs. 2,000 a month. 

5- Why does Cssprepforum charge from authors? 

The Cssprepforum does not charge from Sir Syed Kazim Ali students because he teaches his students writing professionally, and all his students – CSS, PMS aspirants or qualifiers, bloggers, writers, journalists, or officers – know the standard of writing. But, this is not the case with other writers. They are passionate about writing, but they do not know how to write attractively, coherently, and fluently. 

Moreover, Cssprepforum charges from authors because it includes the following cost: 

  1. Curation/Editor Cost:
    All blogs are published after a detailed read and review by our curators to maintain the quality of content on the website. 
  2. Blog Post Pic:
    For each of the blogs you submit, our designers design a picture for it. This is because blog pictures play a crucial role in making readers click on your blog link and start reading.
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
    Cssprepforum is committed to helping young, educated and knowledgeable bloggers by helping them grow. Each of the blogs you publish on the website gets an SEO from our expert team. Therefore, you do not need to waste money on building a website, buying a domain and server, hiring an SEO person, and advertising your content on social media by getting your articles published with us. You just need to write and get your writings published with us; the rest we handle and manage better than anybody else manages.

6- Can I publish my blog by myself?

No, to maintain the quality of content on the website, we do not allow authors to publish articles by themselves. Instead, you need to submit your articles by email. 

7- In how many days is my submitted blog published on Cssprepforum?

As soon as you submit your blog or story, our curators and editors start reading and reviewing it. It usually takes 12 hours, but, sometimes, it can take up to 5 working days. 

8- On what categories or niches can I write?

General categories are specially designed for those with something exciting to tell thousands of aspirants. You can choose any of the categories below and start writing on it. When done, email it to us; our team will review your story, and if it follows all the rules mentioned earlier, it gets published within no time. 

  1. Kids Corner
  2. Best in Pakistan
  3. Big Questions 
  4. Amazing Facts 
  5. Fashion & Beauty 
  6. History & Culture 
  7. Science & Technology 
  8. Cooking & Recipes 
  9. Travel Stories 
  10. Entertainment 
  11. Sports
  12. Social Issues 
  13. Opinions 
  14. CSS, PMS Stories
  15. CSS, PMS solved Past Papers

No matter what category you write in, writing on any topic always helps you give your ideas an attractive motion. Usually, aspirants start writing on general topics before moving towards the specific areas of the CSS, PMS exams. 

9- Can I generate backlinks?

Yes, you can generate backlinks if you have got 10 of your articles published on Cssprepforum. But for the first 10, you cannot. 

10- Can I submit an ad in my blog if I have any?

Cssprepforum helps youngsters earn through writing. When you write continuously and know marketing, local businesses start giving you ads. Many of our writers earn through displaying ads on their blogs, even much more than a job can give. Suppose you have any local ad – sensible and relevant – you can get it advertised in your blogs and can charge your clients, if any. You can add a banner or video ad within your blogs if you have got 10 of your articles published on Cssprepforum. But for the first 10, you cannot. Cssprepforum charges a tiny amount for each ad you display on your blogs. For details and know how it works, contact our representatives on WhatsApp at 0332-6105842. 

11- Can I submit an advertising article?

No, Cssprepforum does not allow any advertising content or blog. 

12- Can I get a separate category on Cssprepforum, publish only my articles? 

Yes, you can have it. The charges of it are Rs. 10,000/month. 

13- How to get started?

If you are interested in getting your writings published and your voice heard across Pakistan, contact our representative on WhatsApp 0332-6105842.

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