Humanity and Hopes Are Immortal And Never Die

Humanity and Hopes Are Immortal And Never Die

The story “Humanity and Hopes Are Immortal And Never Die” is written by Muhammad Shehryar Sheez, the youngest blogger in Pakistan. Instead of wasting time on games as most school-going kids do, the young, enthusiastic boy, Sheez, is making his name in the world of blogging. He is one of the proud students of Miss Syeda SabaMiss Amreen Mir, and Miss Zaineb – who are known because of their content writing coaching across the country. Let’s share Sheez’s stories, blogs, and poems with your younger siblings and kids so that they can also feel motivated and start writing like Ayan. Share your Kids work with us, and we will help you shape your kids future, indeed your future.  

Once there was a boy whose name was Umer. He had a severe problem with his kidneys. He was shifted to a separate room in a hospital. And, on the very next day, on his constant request, his bed was set next to the only window. Due to his critical condition, the doctor allowed him to sit on his bed for just an hour every afternoon.
After a couple of days, another man named Ali was admitted to his room. That young man met with a very horrific car accident, and he got badly injured his Spine. He was overspeeding on the highway, and things got worse because he was not wearing a seat belt during driving. He had to spend all day lying flat on his back. He was even not able to move from the bed.

Umer tried to make friends with that boy, and, eventually, their Friendship started with this conversation “what is your name ?” Umer asked. “Are you talking to me“ replied Ali? “Yes, I am Umer, and I am on the next bed to you”, he replied.
The two roommates quickly bonded and started talking for hours on end. They spoke about their life, the places they visited, and the wonderful journey they made in a vast and colourful world.
Each day when Umer sat up in his bed for an hour, Ali envied him. Then, one day Ali said (to Umer) “Tell me about the world outside. I am sick and tired of staring at the ceiling all day.” Umer started describing all the things he could see outside the window.

“It is a bright day. I can see a park from here with lush green bushes. There is a lovely lake, and too many ducks are swimming in it. children are playing”. Each day Umer told Ali about the world outside.
Days and Weeks passed by, and Ali health got slowly improved. Finally, a one-morning nurse came to examine the body of two patients. She found the lifeless body of Umer. The man peacefully embraced his death during his sleep.
Ali was heartbroken and started missing how his roommate described him the view out of the window. So Ali asked the nurse to move his bed next to the only window. The nurse happily made a switch.
As soon he was comfortable in his new place. He painfully propped himself to take his first look at the outside world. He was suddenly stunned to see a blank brick wall outside the window. Ali asked the nurse, “when was this ugly wall built outside the window?”

“Years ago”, answered the nurse.

“But that can not be true!” exclaimed Ali. “Only the other day, Umer told me how the tree was changing their colour from green to orange as the autumn was setting in, but there is no view from here. So where did all the wonderful things he saw?”

“Umer”,? said the nurse “, what could a poor man Umer have described to you? He was blind. He could not even see that brick wall, even if he wanted to. He just wanted to encourage you and make you happy”.
Ali eased himself back on his pillow. A tear trickled silently down his cheek.

Humanity and hope are immortal

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