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Cowards die many times before their death

Written By Uswa Zainab

The problems of Life and Death have always agitated the minds of philosophers and poets, mystics and saints, thinkers and moralists, great and the common men. What is life? What is the purpose of life? What is death? Scriptures and literature have thrown ample light on the great realities. Even the scientists are deeply concerned with their mysteries. Shakespeare, the mastermind, could not help expressing his views on Man, Life, and Death.

The above caption is taken from the drama “Julius Caesar” (1699-1600). The plot is borrowed from Plutarch’s ‘Lives of Brutus,’ ‘Caesar and Antony.’ Shakespeare puts these words in the mouth of great Caesar when his wife Calpurnia pleads her husband not to go to attend the senate meeting as the portends are full of superstitions. Not caring for the general predictions, he tries to encourage the lady by these gallant words:

Cowards die many times before their deaths:

The valiants never taste of death but once.

Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,

It seems to me most strange that men should fear.

Seeing that death a necessary end;

Will come when it will come.

Nobody can deny that life and death, reward and punishment are in the hands of God. It is the greatest lesson and consolation for a man – the Lord of creation. Why should he fear death? It is a sign of weakness of faith or belief in the will of the Great Disposer. Our thoughts make us cowards. When Death is the inevitable end of life why should we fear death.,

Men fear death as children are afraid of going into the dark. It is human weakness, a sign of cowardice. As Shakespeare has said:

That life is a better life, past fearing death;

Than that lives too far! (Measure for Measure)

Birth, growth, and decay make the cycle of life. Every living thing is bound to the wheel of time that ends in a catastrophe or death.

Everybody who has come or comes in this world must die. Even the chosen ones of God, the great prophets of Allah have tasted death. All the great and the small, the rich or poor, the rulers and the ruled must kiss the dust.

Knowing that man is mortal, life is transient, and all have to leave the stage of life – strength and beauty and wealth must perish; man must always be prepared for death – the great oblivion. Those who are constantly worried about life being snatched away, make man forgetful about the inevitable hour – Death.

Perish, all must! Fear and pain unnerve the people. Let us face life bravely and fight against all odds with courage. We should not set great store on life and act on Tipu Sultan’s maxim:

“A lion’s one day’s life is better than the life of a thousand years of a jackal.”

To fear death is to die before the appointed hour, for cowards die many times before their deaths. The brave face life gallantly and court death with a smile on their faces. For the believers, death is the end of the temporal life, but it is a beginning for the perpetual life of the Hereafter. There are good tidings for those who lead a good and pious life. Life is full of pains and sufferings, trials and tribulations, anxieties and worries, fretting and failures. In fact, life is a punishment for the transgression and disobedience of the Word of God.

Die all must! Whether you die of old age, of sickness, on the sickbed, or the battle-field. But it is always better to shine, and then die. Nobody can escape from death’s clutches. The best end is that of the Martyr. One, who lays down his life in the way of Allah, is a ‘Shaheed’ or Martyr, and according to the Holy Quran, ‘A martyr never dies, he lives even after his death.’

Then come the brave, the heroes, the great fighters, and the soldiers who lay down their lives for the sake of freedom and for their countries. The valiant fight to the last drop of their blood and court death with a smile on their faces. A soldier’s motive is, ‘Do and Die.’ He dies so that his country may live.

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Bravery, heroism, gallantry, courage, resolution, patience, and spirit of sacrifice, has won laurels for many – the scientists, the great explorers, the climbers, and the adventurous. Many have fallen victim to some or other noble cause. There are others who have suffered for the glory of mankind. They were valiant, unflinching, and constant. We all bow our heads before them.

Lastly, come those lethargic and dull who are always grumbling still death overtakes them. No wonder they are punny and cowards. Those who die of old age or on the sick bed are most to be pitied. So let us be up and doing. Never mind if the cruel hands of death cut us in the middle of our lives. The brave keep the motive – ‘It is better to wear away than to rust away,’ before them.

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