Clean Environment is Good Environment.

Clean Environment is Good Environment.

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1- Introduction
2- Debunking the term “Clean Environment” and assessing its elements 

3- Why a clean environment is a good environment 

  • ✓It leads towards good health.
    • Case in Point: Many disease-causing germs exist in dirty environments, such as the ones causing diarrhoea and worm infections. (World Health Organization)
  • ✓It protects plants and animals.
    • Case in Point: According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), “By keeping ecosystems clean and intact, the diversity of species can be preserved.”
  • ✓It balances nature’s growth.
    • Case in Point: In 1995, the biodiversity of Yellowstone National Park was enriched by reintroducing the species to restore ecological balance. 
  • ✓It ensures nations’ development.
    • Case in Point: Germany’s transition to renewable energy and Costa Rica’s ecotourism industry have demonstrated the positive economic outcomes of a clean environment.
  • ✓It reduces natural hazards.
    • Case in Point: Brazil has implemented an extensive ‘bus rapid transit system’ and green spaces to mitigate flood risks.

4- Hurdles in the way of a clean environment

  • ✓Overdependence on fuel usage 
  • ✓Industrialization and poor infrastructure 

5- Ways forward for a clean environment

  • ✓To start the green energy program
  • ✓To manage industrial infrastructure

6- Critical analysis
7- Conclusion

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Answer to the Question

Nature’s beauty exists in its balance, harmony, and cleanliness. Accordingly, a balanced and clean environment gives aesthetic pleasure and makes the species fresh and healthy. Environmentalists define a clean environment as the measure of the quality and health of environmental elements, like food, water, and air, in a particular area, provided that such surroundings accommodate different species: plants, animals, and human beings, without any destruction or imbalance. Therefore, a clean environment is important to sustain life on Earth. It ensures the balanced growth of species by protecting plants and animals and leading them toward good health. In addition, a clean environment is altogether beneficial and productive for a country. However, numerous human activities – overconsumption of fossil fuels and massive industrialization – have imbalanced natural environment cycles and compromised the environment’s cleanliness. Nonetheless, to save the planet and the future of humankind, it is pertinent to switch to green energy means and curb the production of chlorofluorocarbons. This essay highlights the concept of a clean environment, its importance, some activities making the environment unclean, and suggestions to limit such unhealthy practices.

Discussing further the concept of a clean environment, it is a nature-friendly ecological bulk saving the lives of species: plants, animals, and human beings, and protecting them from viral diseases. Furthermore, it ensures that all its elements work harmoniously and do not harm any living being. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the term comprises four points i.e.: safe food and water supply, proper waste disposal, clean air, and no pests in the surroundings, such as cockroaches and mosquitoes. In short, a clean environment is abundant in healthy supplies and pollution-free. 

A clean environment makes it a better and healthier surrounding for all living beings. The availability of healthy food and water, along with purified air and security, undoubtedly make a clean environment a “good” and “ideal” environment for the planet and all its inhabitants. Among many such factors, ‘good health’ is the most important. Good health is people’s primary purpose; therefore, they try to discard all kinds of pollutants from their surroundings that risk their health. For this purpose, a disinfected environment is necessary as the World Health Organization (WHO) claims that many diseases causing germs exist in a dirty environment, such as the ones causing diarrhoea and worm infections. Therefore, a clean environment is undoubtedly the right path towards a healthy life. 

“Keeping the body in good health is a duty. Otherwise, we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.”


Besides humans, plants and animals are also important for the planet to exist. They are the sources of healthy air and good food. Therefore, the environment must be suitable for plants and animals. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), “Habitat destruction is terrible for all species. By keeping the ecosystem clean and intact, the diversity can be preserved.” This is because a clean environment is free of pollutants, diseases, and other harmful elements that threaten the survival of different species. Therefore, an uncontaminated environment is a good one for plants and animals as it saves them from extinction. 

“The world is sweet and green; Allah has made you stewards over it.”

Prophet Muhammad SAW

Moreover, a clean environment balances biomes by managing ecological factors. It does not allow hazardous and toxic substances, which helps to harmonize the food webs and production of nature-friendly elements. Furthermore, an immaculate environment complements the working of multiple natural cycles – water cycle, nitrogen cycle, etc. – to nurture the elements of biodiversity. Therefore, a clean and healthy environment can sustain the life circles of various species in a balanced and natural way. In 1995, for instance, the ecologist worked on the cleanness of the ecosystem; as a result, the biodiversity of Yellowstone National Park was enriched. Likewise, a proportional and hygienic environment can save the planet from destruction and imbalance; the fact makes a clean environment a good environment.

“The balance of nature is a complex and delicate thing. It depends on the interconnectedness of all living organisms and their environments.”

John Muir

Further, a clean environment is important for individuals and for their nations as well. Indeed, the nations’ development exists in their healthy and clean environment. For example, Germany’s renewable energy transition and Costa Rica’s ecotourism industry have demonstrated the positive economic outcome of a clean environment. Developed countries are more serious about reducing pollution and waste management in their cities and villages. In a nutshell, a country’s economic growth is impossible without a healthy environment because it preserves its biodiversity, making it a tool for a promising future. 

Besides ensuring balanced natural growth, a clean environment aims to reduce pollution because it is one of the most challenging issues for people; it accelerates environmental degradation and threatens sustainable development. However, if the nations clean their environment by overcoming the emission of hazardous gases and solid wastes, the environment will be healthy; it also reduces the frequency of natural disasters. For example, Brazil has extensively employed “bus rapid transit systems” and green spaces to mitigate flood risks. To summarize, positive initiatives for a good environment can protect the nations from a state of emergency in terms of climate change.  

“To tackle climate change, you don’t have to reduce your quality of life, but you do have to change the way you live.”

Ken Livingstone

Despite being important for the survival of plants and animals, unfortunately, many ongoing practices are real challenges to keep the environment clean. The most challenging factor among them is over-dependence on fossil fuels. Every country around the globe uses fossil fuels to run its industrial wheel, which is the backbone of its economy. Therefore, it is hard to give up on the usage of such hydrocarbon fuels because it will cause a decline in economic growth worldwide. The burning of fossil fuels adds a lot of pollutants to the atmosphere; such pollutants make the environment unhealthy and harsh for living creatures to breathe and adapt to, thus leaving them vulnerable to multiple health issues.

Furthermore, the rapid growth of industries and their poor infrastructure have made the scenario harsher because the pollutants they discharge make it impossible to keep the environment clean and healthy. Sadly, the lack of waste management by industrialists is a leading cause of climate change that is risky for the survival of life on the planet Earth.

“It is the environment that’s harming the environment. It’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.”

Dan Quayle

However, it is time to protect the Earth from environment-related challenges by taking a few practical steps. The most important initiative is to start green energy programs and utilize renewable energy resources for a healthy environment. Such measures will reduce the emission of harmful gases, thus making the environment hygienic and pure for a better life.

Moreover, it is crucial to understand the harsh impacts of poor industrial infrastructure on the environment. Climate change and global warming are the implications of such malpractices. However, by improving them, the Earth can regain its lost glory. Therefore, it is every state’s responsibility, especially developed states, to reform the industry for sustainable growth.

“We must collaborate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a sustainable future for all.”

Ban Ki-moon

A clean environment is not only desirable but also significant for the health of living creatures. It can save the Earth from environmental issues like climate change and global warming. Moreover, it can positively impact the economy of both developed and developing states as natural disasters waste billions of dollars. Furthermore, a hygienic environment nurtures life by providing favourable conditions for creatures to flourish; it keeps them protected and safe. Therefore, a clean environment is a good environment as it guarantees the life of humankind and other living beings.

Summing up, a healthy life is the goal of every organism, which is only possible in a clean and hygienic environment. Its primary objective is to provide healthy, sound surroundings that favor creatures by fulfilling their survival needs. Undoubtedly, it promotes the well-being of humans and species that correspondingly drive sustainable growth of nations. Therefore, a clean environment is good because it introduces all the good things important to maintain ecological balance; moreover, it discourages all impurities contaminating the environment. However, keeping the environment clean is a shared responsibility, and everyone is liable to do his best to make the environment suitable for living beings. For this purpose, all the nations should be gathered on a single platform to solve the ecological problems, making the world peaceful and uplifting it socially, politically, and economically.

“Environment-friendly behaviour is not just a responsibility; it’s a privilege. Let’s cherish and preserve our planet, for it is the only home we have.”

Dr Jane Goodball
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