The Threat of Global Warming and the Ways to Counter it


CSS 2018 Solved Essay | The Threat of Global Warming and the Ways to Counter it

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1- Introduction

2- Figuring out the meaning of Global Warming

  • ✓To the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the six years from 2015 to 2021 are the warmest in history  

3- Assessing the current status quo of Global warming

  • ✓To the World Research Institute, the 1.1 Degree Celsius rise in the temperature of the earth since the Industrial revolution

4- How has global warming become a threat in the contemporary world?

  • ✓ Melting of glaciers
    • The loss of about 267 gigatons of ice every year worldwide.
  • ✓ Increasing the number of natural disasters
    • To the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), thirty-three million people were affected by the flood of August 2022 in Pakistan 
  • ✓ Shrinking economy
    • To the planning minister of Pakistan, more than $10 billion worth of damage due to the floods of 2022
  • ✓ Increasing dry spells and droughts
    • The inclusion of Pakistan by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) in a report with a list containing 23 drought-hit countries between (2020 and 2022) 
  • ✓ Deteriorating environmental habitats due to the migration of animals
    • The migration of the Indian fish to the Antarctic region
  • ✓ Rising health problems and malnutrition
    • To the World Health Organisation (WHO), the report of 4531 measles and 15 wild poliovirus cases in Pakistan in 2022
  • ✓ Increasing the migration of people towards the developed countries
    • The migration of people from Somalia to Italy and other European countries  

5- The case studies of two major climate-hit countries

  • ✓ Kuwait
  • ✓ Pakistan

6- What are the possible measures that adoption can treat the menace of global warming?

  • ✓ To promote the use of renewable energy resources
  • ✓ To reduce the production of greenhouse gases
  • ✓ To produce new genetically engineered crops
  • ✓ To implement climate change agreements in true spirits 
  • ✓ To initiate a global reforestation campaign
  • ✓ To control population explosion
  • ✓ To provide economic, food, and technological assistance to the climate hit countries
  • ✓ To use social media efficiently for the promotion of Green Earth  

7- Critical Analysis

8- Conclusion

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Global warming in the twenty-first century has undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on both the developing and the developed countries. Moreover, because of its drastic impacts, like the melting of glaciers and the constant rise in natural disasters, it has not only compelled the states to improve their infrastructure. Still, it has also warned them about carefully using natural resources. According to the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) report, the rise in the earth’s overall temperature- global warming is so high that it might reach 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050. However, the threats of global warming have proved more disastrous for underdeveloped nations, like Pakistan, through becoming a victim of natural disasters in the form of constant floods and droughts. Apart from that, it has also become a cause of loss in agricultural production and a rise in health issues. Contrastingly, as every problem has a solution, the menace of global warming can easily be countered through the use of renewable energy resources and the production of genetically engineered crops. The implementation of multiple climate change agreements in true spirits, along with the mass-level plantations and the proper use of social media, can also play its role to a large extent in curbing the issue of global warming. Thus, if pragmatic measures are adopted in time, global warming can easily be cured within some time. The essay, under discussion, throws light on the threats, causes, and suitable suggestions to counter the menace of global warming.    

The constant rise in the temperature of the earth and its atmosphere is known as global warming. Moreover, the temperature has been increasing since the industrial revolution, and to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the six years from 2015 to 2021 have remained warmest in the entire history. As a result, there occurs a rise in the sea level due to the melting of glaciers, and on analysing critically, none of its effects is useful for living things because of the rise in the number of disasters, like the floods of 2022 in Pakistan. However, scientists have declared that the main cause of global warming remains the emission of greenhouse gasses (GHGs)- the direct result of the industrial revolution. Thus, the rise in temperature of the world is called global warming.

Currently, the menace of global warming has become a great concern for living things, taking them to the brink of destruction. Moreover, it has, nowadays, started to express itself in multiple forms, such as the rise in the number of diseases and natural disasters that need to be minimised in all circumstances.   According to the World Research Institute (WRI), the temperature of the earth has currently risen by 1.1 Degrees Celsius since the industrial revolution; apart from it, to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the rise in temperature will reach 1.5-degree Celsius by 2050.  Therefore, a number of countries have adopted certain measures, like the ten billion tree programme by Pakistan, to minimise the impacts of global warming.

Global warming has threatened the Earth multi-dimensionally. Moreover, some of them are of great concern to human beings, and the first and foremost threat, in this context, is the constant rise in the melting of glaciers worldwide. The glaciers are the main source of clean water used to water plants, grow vegetables, drink, and, above all, have agricultural activities- the main source of income for agrarian countries like Pakistan. And to some estimates, glaciers lose about 267 gigatons of ice each year due to global warming. Thus, if the glaciers continue to melt at the same pace, the world, after some time, will surely face a shortage of clean water.  

In the same fashion, global warming has threatened the world due to a major rise in natural disasters. Moreover, the number of natural disasters has not only affected developed nations like Japan but has also destroyed underdeveloped nations such as Pakistan. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), thirty-three million people have been affected by the floods of August 2022 in Pakistan. It is not the only time Pakistan has faced such drastic rains; rather, similar floods have been faced by her in 2010. Thus, if the rise in the temperature of the world keeps on increasing, similar to history, several nations will have to demise in the near future. 

Similarly, the economy of multiple nations has come under threat due to global warming. The disasters not only take lives but also washes agricultural areas, which can easily be witnessed from Pakistan’s Planning Minister’s statement that more than ten billion dollars worth of damage has been done by the floods of 2022. Apart from it, the land that comes under the curse of floods becomes infertile, causing a decrease in agricultural products- a cause of food shortage, and it can easily be observed from the flour crises in Balochistan. Thus, if floods and other natural disasters kept on increasing, multiple nations, especially the underdeveloped ones, would face food shortages.

Additionally, severe dry spells and droughts are also caused due to the constant rise in temperature of the earth and its atmosphere. The droughts not only make the soil infertile but also cause difficulties for the farmers to sow and reap their agricultural products. Moreover, Pakistan has been included by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) in the list containing the top twenty-three drought-hit countries between 2020 and 2022, and Thar region is one of the major areas in Pakistan hit by the droughts and dry spells. This overall causes the migration of people to somewhat stable areas and the reduction of agricultural production, causing food shortages. Thus, the higher the temperature of the world, the lesser the agricultural products.

Adding more to it, global warming has become a major cause of the migration of animals and birds. Moreover, every habitat has a particular type of species, and all the necessities of the animals of that species are fulfilled by nature in that particular region. However, it has been observed that a number of birds have left their habitats due to the rise in temperature and have migrated to the cooler regions of the world, causing a disturbance in the equilibrium of nature. A better example is the migration of certain fish species from the Indian Ocean to the Antarctic regions, to the reports of 2010. Thus, if the rise in temperature continued at the same rate, there might be no beautiful creatures after some time.

Furthermore, global warming has also become a cause of multiple health issues and malnutrition. Moreover, the spread of bacteria and other harmful fungi gets access to humans, especially women and children with vulnerable immune systems, in the presence of water. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Pakistan had reported 4531 cases of measles and 15 cases of wild poliovirus in 2022, and the main factor behind the rise of cases was uncontrolled floods. In contrast, when extreme heat waves occur, it causes other health issues, like soaring temperature and severe dehydration. Dehydration usually takes the life of thousands of people in different regions of the world due to high temperatures. Thus, the rise in temperature of the world is also a cause of multiple diseases. 

Last but not least, the rise in the temperature of the world has compelled the movement of people from climate-affected countries to developed and climate-unaffected countries. People who live in drought-hit countries or states usually migrate to somewhat stable countries, like the migration of people from Somalia to Italy, due to which there occurs a sufficient rise in population in the later countries. Apart from the mentioned consequences, the other problems due to the rise in population include the rise in street crimes and slum settlements in developed countries, which overall threaten the peace of the nation. Thus, it is as clear as crystal that global warming has become a serious threat in the contemporary world.

At this stage, it is pertinent to present the case studies of some states that are highly affected by climate change. Kuwait wins the race and leads the list of top climate-hit countries. Moreover, to the reports of the World Bank 2021, her temperature is increasing twice the temperature of the world, and a temperature of 53.2 degrees centigrade has been recorded there with the addition of a further 4 degrees centigrade till the next year. It has caused severe problems, like the conversion of rivers into plains, along with the death of fish and many other flying birds. Apart from that, four incidences of jungle fires are usually reported during its hot days, which has overall threatened the lives of the wild animals. However, people constantly use air-conditioners to counter the hot waves in Kuwait due to global warming.

Similarly, the other example of climate-hit countries is Pakistan being constantly under the attacks of global warming and its drastic impacts. Moreover, she faced floods in 2010 and 2022 consecutively, which destroyed her both economically and socially. According to the Secretary of the United Nations, Antonio Gutters, Pakistan has been facing humanitarian crises due to floods, and to other reliable reports, she has lost thousands of lives owing to diseases and acres of fertile land in the floods. And the results of the loss of fertile land have started presenting themselves in the form of flour crises in Balochistan. Thus, it is clear from the above-mentioned case studies that global warming is a real threat to lives and countries in the contemporary world. 

After analysing the drastic threats of global warming, it becomes pretty important to suggest some measures in order to counter the menace. Indeed, the first step in this regard can be the use of renewable energy resources, like water, air, and sun, that are free from the release of Green House Gases (GHGs) instead of non-renewable energy resources, such as coal, natural gas, and oil-producing a large amount of GHGs. Initiatives for the purpose have already been taken both nationally and internationally, like the establishment of Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power (Private) Limited with 100 Maga Watt capacity.

Similarly, other similar step includes the conversion of automobile cars, a major contributor of greenhouse gasses, into electric cars. Moreover, both the developed and the under-developed nations are trying their best to shift their automobile industries over the electric cars, and Pakistan has already played its due role by launching MG ZS EV, an electric car, on 14th August 2022. These cars enable the masses to travel without producing any gas leading to global warming.

Additionally, the impacts of global warming can be diminished through the production of genetically engineered crops able to bear drought and salinity extremes. Indeed, the current conditions have not remained suitable for agricultural productions facing extreme droughts and salinity. So, after inventing several genetically engineered crops that are able to bear extreme droughts and salinity, like Glycine max (soybean), it would become possible to counter global warming and fulfil agricultural demands efficiently.

Moreover, global warming can also be countered through the implementation of different climate accords signed by a number of countries. The Paris climate accord is an example of such an accord that was signed by 190 countries. However, no developed nation has followed the terms and conditions of the accord, due to which there occurs a constant rise in greenhouse gases and, ultimately, global warming. Thus, if the accord is implemented in its true spirit, the developed nations would limit the removal of GHGs and, ultimately, global warming.  

Furthermore, a global reforestation campaign can also grab the menace of global warming in its palm. Trees serve as the sink of carbon dioxide, for they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Moreover, the Amazon forests are usually termed the lungs of the earth due to the provision of twenty per cent oxygen worldwide. But they are constantly used for different purposes, like paper and fireworks, causing a fall in the number of trees and oxygen levels, which overall raises global warming. Thus, there should be a worldwide campaign for reforestation similar to the ten-billion tree program of Pakistan.

In addition to that, getting control over the constant rise in population has become a must to control global warming. The number of people is increasing with each passing day, which directly imposes a burden on the resources of the world, like the use of coal, oil, and other energy resources and is directly proportional to the rise in GHGs and global temperature. Moreover, it is impossible to control the rise in population unless every state worldwide collaborates with one another. Thus, every state must adopt the measures compulsory for the control of population growth.    

Over and above that, the threat of global warming can also be countered through the provision of economic, food, and technological help to the climate-hit countries. Moreover, with the provision of technological help, the suffering states would become able to rebuild their infrastructure and adopt all those measures with the help of which they can counter severe floods and droughts in future. And the provision of economic help will enable them to sustain their lives on the blue planet Earth after facing droughts and floods. One example in this regard is the grant of aid by the Canadian government to Pakistan, after the floods of 2010. Thus, developed countries have to help the climate-hit countries so that they can fight the threats of global warming effectively.   

Above all, no measure from the above-mentioned ones is possible to be adopted unless the masses become fully aware of the threats of global warming. And making them aware is only possible through the proper use of social media, like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, for everyone in the contemporary world uses social media. Thus, to counter global warming, it has become mandatory to publicise the threats and the possible remedies of global warming worldwide. 

After an insightful investigation, it is clear to describe global warming is a real threat to life on the blue planet Earth. However, it has not directly threatened human beings, but its impacts, such as the constant rise in melting of glaciers resulting in floods and other natural disasters, have become drastic and intolerable. Moreover, as it is the joint product of humans in the form of greenhouse gases released by industries, it can, therefore, be resolved only through the combined efforts of all the developed and the underdeveloped nations, like the Paris Agreement of 2016 and the ten billion Tree Tsunami Plantation programme.  

In short, global warming has become a monster for human beings. Moreover, it is becoming more and more severe with each passing day and has started threatening life on the earth through multiple impacts, such as the melting of glaciers and the increasing number of natural disasters. The menace has not adopted the worst shape in a day or a night; rather, it is the by-product of the industrial revolution. However, to curb it, a number of measures, both nationally- like the implementation of the ten billion Tree Plantation Tsunami programme- and internationally- such as the adoption of the Paris Agreement, must be adopted worldwide. Apart from it, there are still other suggestions, like the use of renewable energy resources, that adoption can nullify the impacts of the menace for some time.

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