CSS GSA Past Papers

What are carbohydrates? Classify and give detail of each class along with exa...
Written By Khansa Yousaf Carbohydrates are organic compounds that consist of only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Saccharide, another name of carbohydrates, is derived from Greek word Sakkron which means sugar....
Write a comprehensive note on ‘Balanced Diet’ (CSS GSA Past Paper 2018)
Written By Mutahar Iftikhar Balanced Diet The food a person eats in a day is called diet. If it contains adequate quantity of the six...
Differentiate between renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Briefly exp...
Written By Khuleed Bin Mehboob Difference between renewable and non-renewable energy sources The natural power that empowers day-to-day activities fulfils industry needs, and supports society...
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