Energy crisis in Pakistan and its possible solutions, causes, and effects?

Energy crisis in Pakistan and its possible solutions, causes, and effects

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  • The energy crisis is one of the crucial issues which have been faced not only by Pakistan but also the other counties around the globe.

Current situation:-

  • 8-10 hours of load shedding
  • Shortage of about 7500 megawatt

How the current state of energy in Pakistan is affecting its economy?

  • ✓ Use of old technology
  • ✓ Excessive use of energy
  • ✓ Negligence of government
  • ✓ Over population
  • ✓ No utilization of natural resources

What are the impacts of the energy crisis?

  • ✓ Economic instability
  • ✓ Unemployment
  • ✓Increase in load shedding
  • ✓Time wasting

Remedies to encounter this issue

  • ✓ Implementation of advanced technology
  • ✓Overcome the excessive use of energy
  • ✓Effective policies by the government for check-balance
  • ✓Population must be controlled
  • ✓Make use of natural resources
  • ✓Scheduled distribution of electricity
  • ✓Dam Formation


The energy crisis is a critical issue in today’s world. This issue is restricted to Pakistan alone and many other countries that come under its influence. Besides this, Pakistan is one of the countries which face the massive outrage of energy crisis over the last twenty years. This badly affects its economy on so many levels. Unfortunately, this is the result of the Pakistani Government’s negligence. Apart from this, no one ever brings this issue to light from the previous governments. So no proper steps were ever taken to minimize it earlier. However, if the government ever pays any heed to this issue, they will surely bring some improvements till now. Additionally, just by tackling this issue efficiently, massive improvements will be noticed in economic growth. Nonetheless, it’s never too late to take the initiatives to overcome any problem. Moreover, if the government wants to minimize this issue, it will surely do just by making effective policies and implementing them accordingly.

Since every issue has a cause, the negligence of the previous government is considered a root cause of energy crisis issues. Now, the new government finds it challenging and rather hard to regulate it properly. The population is continuously rising along with the number of new businesses as electricity is a fundamental demand in this way the usage of it increasing massively. However, this becomes a serious cause which affects everyone’s life in one way or another. Despite this critical issue, the government has not demonstrated any interest in resolving it. And because of this dry conduct, the problem escalates to the point where it is permanent.

Additionally, the government’s unwillingness to build dams is another significant contributor to the country’s energy crisis. It sounds that either the government is not aware of how to best utilize natural resources. Like every year, a large amount of water is wasted in the country when it could be stored in dams and used to produce power. No, our government is not even taking this into consideration. Building dams will not only help the country generate more power, but it will also help to minimize the danger of floods. Furthermore, using outdated technology really damages production, which reflects the slow progress.

Similarly, there are multiple reasons for this cause because every factor harms the nation’s reputation and unstable its economy. Everyone is accountable for this cause because everyone has contributed in their own unique way. People are wasting electricity, there is no check and balance in the workplace, and nobody cares about looking after their country. To overcome this cause, everyone should play their part; as someone said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. Every issue can be resolved just by taking some good and effective initiatives towards it collectively.

As every crisis comes up with some aftereffects, load shedding is considered the biggest effect of the energy crisis. This then badly affects every sector in the country. Live become disturbed almost for everyone. Students cannot concentrate on their studies. Employees face delays in their work, factories face early shutdowns and many more. As the south region of Pakistan is the hottest place so, load shedding, there becomes a curse.

In addition to this, load shedding has also affected the country’s economy. It slowdowns the production of goods, and affects the supplies of imports and exports. This affects the reputation of the country internationally and makes the country unstable. For the poor, this makes living miserable and contributes to rising unemployment. And this badly damages the country’s image.

Likewise, unemployment and the energy crisis also lead to time wasting. Employees have to wait for hours to resume their work. Students have to face many issues while studying. Every sector suffers differently. This will break down every activity in the country and damages its severity.

Consequently, basically, every issue has a solution. The lack of dams is one of the main causes of the energy crisis. Thus the government may simply solve this problem by constructing more dams across the nation. Government should build new dams and renovate existing ones while implementing new, cutting-edge technologies. People should support the government in this initiative, and everyone should step forward and contribute what they can. We all know that Pakistan lacks the resources to construct dams.

Additionally, the government should implement laws that are beneficial across the entire country and impose an effective schedule for factories, industries, and other high-consumption sectors. Government should maintain control over electricity theft as well, as thousands of megawatts are stolen. In order to defeat this evil, it will also be helpful to reduce theft and replace the good officers in the industry.

Furthermore, the government needs to adopt new machinery that produces more power faster and current technologies. The present government must function as soon as possible because, if this problem is not addressed, it will get worse before it gets better. The cost of the past government’s incompetence is already being paid by the country.

Last but not least, the government should take action right away to reduce this problem. As the population grows every day and requires power to function, those who cannot afford to meet their essential needs adopt the wrong ways to fulfil their needs in any possible way. Awareness of population control must be prioritized as well.

In conclusion, it may be concluded that the energy crisis has reached a serious level. For Pakistanis from all areas of life, it is an issue. The economy has suffered the greatest setback of all. Long power outages have forced the closure of hundreds of industries. It causes poverty and unemployment. A solution to this issue could make things better. The country’s progress and prosperity can be ensured by its solution. On the other hand, if this issue is not resolved quickly, it will make people’s challenges worse. If the energy situation is not resolved, prices will rise. Determination and great political will are required for the solution. With the help of these two, everything can be controlled. 

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