Pollen Allergy, Symptoms, Types and Treatments

Pollen Allergy, Symptoms, Types and Treatments

Pollen allergy reaches a high peak in the spring season. Many people face this problem. However, pollen allergy has been increased because of plant growth and weather changes. In this topic, I address some symptoms of a pollen allergy, types, treatment options, and home remedies that might bring relief.


Pollen allergy causes a person to experience several of the following issues: itch or water in the eyes, Itchy throat, flu, sneezing, wheezing, and breathing problems. The pollen also releases water-soluble proteins on the respiratory lining. These proteins are usually harmless, but sometimes a person’s body mistakenly identifies them as harmful substances.

Types of Pollen Allergy

A variety of pollen allergies exist. Hence, one person’s allergy symptoms are always different from others. Types of pollen allergy include Tree pollen, Grass pollen, and Weed pollen. Tree pollen includes Birch Pollen, Oak pollen, and Pine pollen. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, grasses are the most common pollen allergy.

How do know which types of allergies you have?

If a person does not know, which type of pollen allergy he has, he must see a doctor who specializes in allergies. These specialists are called allergists and immunologists. Allergists and immunologists can conduct different tests to determine the different types of pollen allergies. This information is helpful because a person knew when to start taking medication and avoid too outdoor.


Medical treatment of pollen allergy.

  • To tackle this issue, one should start taking antihistamine medications, such as cetirizine (Zyrtec)or loratadine (Claritin). A person starts a medication one week ago before the allergic season begins.
  • Nasal corticosteroid sprays are effective in reducing inflammation and its associated symptoms in the nasal passages.

Home remedies

There are many varieties of home remedies and preventions that a person can take to counter one’s pollen allergy symptoms. Examples of these include:

  • Keeping the windows, doors closed when pollen counts are high.
  • Changing the clothes each time after coming inside from the outdoor to limit pollen affection.
  • Taking a bath in daily routine, to rid the skin, and hair of pollen buildup.
  • Daily clean your bed and wash bedding in hot, soapy water at least once per week.
  • The daily routine uses two times of green tea and honey.

Thus, pollen allergy is a common but irritating condition. A person does not completely finish the pollen allergy, but they use medical treatment and home remedies to reduce the symptoms of pollen allergy.

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