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God Helps those who help themselves

Written by Anum Saba

As the Holy Quran Says:-

Nothing is for man but what he strives for”

It explains that it is not just sufficient to be a Muslim and in itself confer upon Him any right to have all the aspirations fulfilled. Although Allah can award a person, for which He has not put any effort. But He has not made it a routine. He used this quality very rarely and exhibited miracles only under exceptional circumstances. What Allah has made routine is that He rewarded a person in accordance with the efforts made by that person.

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Ibnul Haithum, Ibn Sina, Razi Al Qindi whose contributions towards the advancement of chemistry, physics, medicine, Geography, and Philosophy are widely acknowledged throughout the world, but when Muslims left-right path and indulged into undesirable practices, they lost their eminence and fell in the ravine of degeneration. Barbarous Mongols in the thirteen century overpowered them. Muslims annihilation and massacre in Gengis Khan and Halakoc Khan’s hands continue to be the great lesson for the divided and derailed Muslims.

Britishers by dint of their strong army and technological advancement threw away the one thousand years Muslim rule in India. Almost all the African continent came under the yoke of European imperialism. Holland established its colonial rule in the Indonesian Islands. All this happened due to these countries’ unprecedented advancement in the field of Science and Technology in which unfortunately all the subjugated nations remained behind.

All the fore-mentioned examples and references from the history manifest in clear terms that it is the theory of survival of the fittest, which applies to all world nations. Only those who survive are strong enough to fight out the harsh realities of life in this world. In other words, it is the diligence coupled with intelligence, which brings fate and fortune. Pearls of success only spring from the springs of perspiration and inspirations. Efforts and exertions of whatever nature never remain unrewarded. One reaps but what one sows.

If an effort does not bear any fruit, it would never be advisable to surrender and curse one’s fate. One should try to search out the causes of failure in one’s own possible neglects, mismanagement or want of consistent efforts.

In the battle of Uhad, Muslims triumph turned into almost a defeat just because that those fifty Muslim archers deserted the place they were directed not to move from in any case by Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) many of these archers deserted the place to join in the loot when they observed enemy fleeing from the battleground. When enemy noticed the undefended rear of the Muslim army, its cavalry fell upon the Muslims from behind and turned the tide of the battle against the Muslims. Had these fifty Arches not let that place Muslims would have not
borne the loss of precious lives of so many Muslims in that battle.

The failure of the Qurayshite in their evil designs in the battle of the ditch was due to the superior strategy of the Muslims proposed by Salman Farsi, one of the companions of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). In view of the huge army assembled by the enemy, it was not advisable to fight the enemy in the open field. Therefore be suggested that battle be fought from within Madina by digging a ditch around the city. This proved to be a successful tactic. Allah also helped Muslims in a different way. He upturned the tents of the Quraishite army by blowing the cold stormy winds, which proved last straw that broke the camel’s back as the Quraysh were already going short of supplies after one month’s long siege.

Lives of all the Holy Prophets (Peace be upon them) were not limited to simple meditation and worship of Almighty Allah; rather, it was the persistent and eternal struggle against the evil forces of their times. Many of them were given adamant time and even martyred by their adversaries, but they did not give up their sacred mission. They imparted knowledge and wisdom to their people, not only through precept but through practice as well. Therefore Muslims of the contemporary world cannot claim the worldly fortunes and blessings as their inherent right in this world whatever we sow so shall we reap. Whosoever commits blunders is bound to be punished, and on the contrary, anybody behaving rationally and sensibly is destined to be rewarded accordingly. Muslim history of the near past should be considered quite sufficient to learn a lesson. They fell from the Zenith of political dignity, social prestige, economic prosperity, and cultural ascendancy to the depths of humiliation and subjugation for reasons known to everyone. But, ironically, treacheries, dishonesties, frauds, hypocrisies, and malpractices of all kinds are our second nature, and still, we hope to be blessed with all the blessings of Allah. We have awfully failed to understand the cause of our dependence on the materially advanced countries of the world. We seem to be in an acute crisis of the full comprehension of the fact that Allah does promise honourable and prestigious life to Muslims, but to Him, the term Muslim means something which is equal to complete submission to His will and is not less than continuous fight within and without ourself in the name of Allah. As a matter of fact, characteristics like truth, justice, boldness, initiative, diligence, and devotion should make the personality portrait of a true Muslim, We have to shun away all our lethargies and mental inertia, get out of the centuries-old slumber, and take the bull of the worldly challenges by its horns if the objective of leading a prestigious and honoured ire is to be achieved. In the Quranic words:

“It is a reality that Allah does not change the condition and fate of a nation unless it does not change itself.”

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About the writer:

Miss Anum Saba is one of the bonafide students of Sir Syed Kazim Ali. She has completed her 4.5 month-course on Online Creative English Writing and Advanced Grammar under his patronage. Having done graduation in computer science and courses in creative English writing, she loves writing blogs and articles on various topics: current affairs, everyday science, technology, beauty, cooking, and entertainment.

Name of the Student: Miss Anam Saba
Qualifications: BSCS
Total Articles/Blogs: 12
English Coach: Sir Syed Kazim Ali
Course Taken: Creative English Writing & Article Writing

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