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Gender Equality is a Myth | for CSS & PMS Aspirants

Gender Equality is a Myth | for CSS & PMS Aspirants

Written By Khizra Khalil

Gender inequality has halted the socio-economic progress and stability of a nation, among all other concerns. It is the root cause of depression in the society. Gender equality is a myth because women do not possess those rights that men have, especially in Pakistan. They face serious problems when they go out of the houses, even though many conservative people don’t allow women to go out of the house. Actually, the Plight of women is unacceptable in many backward areas. Women are the building block of every society, and they should not be harassed inside and outside of the houses. To convert this myth into reality, women should get equal representation in assembly as men possess. They should be given a share in the inheritance, and Islamic scholars should guide the people about women’s rights.

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Although many laws for women’s rights have been enacted, they are not implemented. Such a society cannot progress where the laws are being violated.
Some people still believe in old-fashioned traditions. Arabs used to bury their daughters before the advent of Islam, and satti tradition was common in those days. Unfortunately, religious bigots have brainwashed common men to become violent towards their women. Such religious bigots are a threat to the society.

First of all, women have to compromise on their dignity because man is the only breadwinner of the house. She develops the feeling of inferiority complex in man because of her economic dependence on man.

Secondly, women have been violently beaten by their spouses, which leaves scars on their faces. Such behaviour also affects their children’s psyche.

Thirdly, women are not allowed to participate in the economic development of Pakistan. More than 52% of the population does not take part in the economic growth of Pakistan. It is an appalling condition for a developing country whose economy is teetering on the brink of chaos.

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Fourthly, getting married to one’s will is a basic human right, but women are not consulted about their marriage. They cannot help but marry the person that their parents choose for them. Some young girls are forced to marry older men. A few parents in backward areas get their daughters married with Quran to save their piece of land.

Fifthly, women are considered as child producing machines. Birth of a boy is always celebrated. On the contrary, people mourn the birth of a female child. They want more boys and to fulfil their desire they give birth to many girls which result in overpopulation which is a threat to human survival.

Finally, acid throwing and honour killing is common in Pakistani society. When criminals are set free despite their transgress, they feel free to commit such crimes. Sadly, women become the target of such criminals. Moreover, only women are killed in the name of honour; one hardly finds a man who was killed in the name of the family’s respect. Honour killing deteriorates the country’s image in front of the World. In Pakistan, psychological disorders are more prominent in women than in men because they have to face men’s brutal behaviour. Women feel uncomfortable even in their homes. A mentally disturbed woman cannot guarantee a promising generation; therefore, women’s psychological issues can put the future of the young generation at risk.

There are some suggestions that can turn gender equality from myth to reality. The government should open more education institutions; people should send their girls to schools. They should not listen to the archaic beliefs of religious scholars. In this way, educated women can play their role in the progress of the society.

In the same manner, women should be given their share in the inheritance. Some people distinguish between their sons and daughters while distributing the inheritance. Women have to spend their whole life with their life partner; therefore, parents should give their daughters the right to choose their spouse.

Moreover, an appropriate representation of women in the assembly can help them to raise their voice against cruelties. Women in Europe have secured 90% of their rights. Only
women can raise their voice for their rights so the equal representation of women in assembly as men would make women’s position strong.

Additionally, the media can help to change the current situation. Media highlights the issues that a woman suffers, but it does not suggest solving the problem. Media plays a vital role in shaping the opinion of the nation. So the media should spread awareness regarding the serious problem that the country is facing today.

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Unlike religious bigots, religious scholars should guide the misguided people about women’s real status in Islam. Literate people should write about the rights of men and women to spread awareness in the society. Civil society can play it’s important role by launching campaigns about gender equality.

Last but not least, the third gender is not acceptable in our society; even their family make fun of them. The government should give equal rights to the third genders as well. They are also the citizens of Pakistan; we should not neglect them. The gap between genders has increased in Pakistan. To make Pakistan strong, the women should stand behind the men. Pakistan cannot progress if gender inequality prevails in the country.

About the writer:

Miss Khizra Khalil is one of the eminent writers, who wish to bring about a positive influence in the society via her write-ups. She has been learning the art of expression and creative writing under the supervision of Sir Syed Kazim Ali, one of the distinguished grammarians in the contemporary world, since 1 month.

Name of the Student: Miss Khizra Khalil
Qualifications: M.S physics
Total Articles/Blogs: 1
English Coach: Sir Syed Kazim Ali
Course Taken: Creative English Writing & Article Writing

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