Gender and Socio-Economic Development


In this contemporary world, socio-economic development of a nation depends upon both male and female. Economic wheels of a country only runs when there is no gender inequality. Moreover, the topic suggests that both sexes- male and female have relative role to play in causing socio-economic development in an under developed country like Pakistan. In economically backward countries, both the sexes make their own contribution towards socio-economic development.

In order to combat poverty, all underdeveloped countries are aiming at increasing the pace of economic development. Moreover, they bend their energies to achieve the objective of high level development. Therefore by doing so, they can bring about a positive in the economic condition of the people.  Nonetheless, if the leadership is sincere in the developing countries and they interested in the improvement of economic living condition of the people, it would devote itself to achieve the objective.  These all development, however, gradually overcome if there is a strong will and determination on the part of people, i.e. both – male and female. Economic development is a matter of the compulsion of time for the underdeveloped countries like Pakistan.

Here it is instructive to analyze the role of male in the process of economic development. As male provides the labour force that is vital factor in causing the economic development for the country. However, labour force is skilled and unskilled visa a vis. The skilled labour, whereas, consists of different engineers, architects and their ilk, which assist in the preparation and execution of different with a view to increase the GDP growth rate, to provide avenues of employment in a country.  Furthermore, service sector also plays its part in causing acceleration to the process of growth. Specifically, lawyers, teachers, accountants, engineers, and architects etc, comprise the service sector. The aforesaid category makes a great contribution in causing acceleration to growth. In computing the GDP, agriculture, industry’s contribution should relatively be high as compared to services, transport  and other sectors to GDP. Cutting long story short, both skilled and unskilled labour has a decisive role to play in the composition of gross domestic product in a country.

It is not wrong to say that the whole game of development depends upon the system of education. If the latter turns out well trained skilled labour both – male and female, like doctors, teachers, engineers and all they definitely facilitates the process of growth in the country. For this purpose the country required an improved level of instruction at different levels of education. It needs to upgrade the quality of education. With trained manpower, the targets in different sectors can be achieved, thereby facilitating the process of economic growth. It is matter of sad reflection that the quality of education is much below the mark. Notwithstanding, it is the limiting factor to economic development in the country. Therefore, if the objective is to accelerate development then the quality of education would have to be upgraded.

The education factor will have to be given the importance it deserves. Top of all, it calls for increasing financial outlay on education, especially the higher education. Moreover, education thus remained neglected in the allocation of budgetary resources. This is right time to devote increasing financial outlays to education. So far nothing has been done in this regards. The experience of the developed countries reveals that the secret of their economic progress lies in according the highest priority to education. In other words, the need of the hour is to develop human resources through education and health. Thus, the human factor is of decisive importance in promoting economic development in a country like Pakistan.

Most importantly, women have an important role to play I the socio-economic development of the country. Now, this is instructive on our part to see how this happens.  An educated woman takes great care in bringing up their children’s in life properly. So, they make their Childs aware of their socio-economic environment. It is a plus contribution on the part of women to produce enlightened citizenry. If there off spring begins to discriminate between good and bad, it might help to reduce social evils like corruption and its concomitants. If it helps in reducing the magnitude of the aforesaid evils, it means a positive contribution on the part of educated mothers. Moreover, it is mothers who develop the mind of their children, which goes a long way to evolve a society. It is a mother’s who teach their children the importance of righteous living. Undoubtedly, it was the mother of Abdul Qadir Gilani, who told him not to tell a lie under any circumstance. Even in the present materialistic times, women role in shaping the moral outlook of their children can hardly be under emphasized.  

As far as a traditional society is concerned, like FATA and other tribal areas, women do not have any specific role to play in the socio-economic development of the country.  A traditional society rests on certain traditions and there can be no deviation from them. It is opposed to the education of women. They perform traditional function of doing household chores and giving birth to children. It is necessary to spread education in FATA and other area. Education helps break down irrational beliefs and opens up ways to general enlightenment. With modern education the fellow of conservatism break down and the society begins to wear progressive outlook in the long run.

To conclude it can be said that the role of men, women have been outlined in the realm of socio-economic development. Gender equality plays a vital role in accelerating or decelerating economic development under certain conditions. Economic development is a function of many variables. Variables are of economic, non-economic nature. In underdeveloped countries, noneconomic factors are relatively important. All the same, the economic development needs to be speeded up, which in course of time, would create its own impelling demands, thereby providing a greater measure of participation of both the sexes. Economic development removes constraints automatically to a great extent when it takes hold of a poor society.

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