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Syed Kazim Ali

Sir Syed Kazim Ali is a renowned English writing teacher and grammarian in Pakistan and Worldwide. He is the founder of Cssprepforum, Howfiv, and Howtests websites – the leading online platforms for entrance and competitive examinations preparation and English language learning. With more than 9 years of experience, Sir Kazim is known for his engaging and effective teaching methodology that he has developed over the years by teaching more than 10,000 students worldwide. He has helped students succeed in their entrance and competitive exams, aspirants in their CSS and PMS exams, teachers in their professional lives, lecturers make their names, and writers and authors to have far more significant recognition. Sir Syed Kazim Ali is known worldwide and loved by thousands of officers, students, aspirants, journalists, lecturers, writers, bloggers, and authors for his clear and concise explanations and his ability to make his students learn to communicate and develop unique writing styles.

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