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Dr. Sobia Sangrasi

Dr Sobia Sangrasi is a student of Sir Syed Kazim Ali. Being skilled in her field, she treats patients suffering from the most common movement disorders that hinder their participation in the activities of daily living. To provide the best treatment to her patients and clients, she has indulged herself in evidence-based practice (EBP) to remain updated with the new advances in the treatment protocols. Furthermore, along with a physiotherapist, she is the best counsellor who helps her educate patients regarding the importance of movement and their participation in the treatment. Being a passionate physiotherapist, she prioritizes making people aware of the significance of their posture and movements in day-to-day functioning that, if not considered significant, can lead to a debilitating health condition. Correspondingly, to keep the general public updated, she writes articles about the commonly prevailing conditions and their effective treatment protocol and preventive measures. To get yourself up-to-date regarding the effective treatment of the common conditions faced by your beloved, follow her on social media for recent articles and blogs.

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