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Shan E Mariam

Shan e Mariam, a class two student, is the youngest rising star in the sky of blogging. She has been the country's youngest blogger. Instead of wasting time on cartoons as most school-going kids do, the young, enthusiastic girl, Mariam Ahmed, is making her name in the world of blogging. As an extracurricular activity, she writes short stories and poems on various and versatile topics, including Islam, science, stories, and entertainment. Moreover, she is one of the proud students of Miss Syeda Saba, Miss Amreen Mir, and Miss Zaineb - who are known because of their content writing coaching across the country. Many little champs join them to learn online writing and blogging in months and start their career as the youngest blogger and content writer in Pakistan. You all are requested to help the kid grow by sharing his profile on your Whatsapp and social media. We can help our kids grow intellectually if we help them see that thousands are reading them. In this way, they will leave cartoons, mobile gaming, and other unuseful activities and engage themselves in creativity. Keep reading Mariam's blogs, poems, stories, and thoughts and help him influence other kids so that he can build a KIDS Intellectual Community.

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