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Nafisa Noureen

Nafisa Noureen, also known as Nisa, is a student of MSC Physics at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. As she pursues physics as her primary subject, she dreams of being an analyst and scientist professionally. Hence, she studies diligently to make her dream true and make her country proud. Besides her interest in physics, she is a self-motivated and self-taught writer whose ultimate objective is to assist others. She has taken the writing training from Miss Amreen Mir and Miss Syeda Saba in Basic English Grammar and Writing Course through the platform of Howfiv. Under the supervision of her diligent teachers, she has learned to give her thoughts words fluently and eloquently. Her main objective is to be the voice for basic education rights for every child through her writings and actions. For this purpose, she is also working for the Child Labor Eradication Program(CLEP-organization )and raising awareness about the value of education among all family members. Besides, she writes about various subjects, including life goals, children's development skills, cultural monuments, travel, food, and personal stories. She wants to convey optimism, kindness, and motivation through her words. Thus, to get awareness and inspiration in the frustrated life, follow her and read her content. It will change your perspective to observe life.

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