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Miss Sana Farooq

Miss Sana Farooq is a student of Sir Syed Kazim Ali. She is Inspector FBR. Along with Miss Nirmal Hasni, Miss Sana has been considered Pakistan's top CSS and PMS Current Affairs coach. She is known because of her teaching methodology and the way she helps students understand CA, one of the most critical subjects for thousands of competitive aspirants. Like Miss Nirmal who teaches students multiple CA topics from base to the advanced level, Miss Sana has been known because of the grip she has over the topics: Women, Education, Gender, Islamophobia, Economy, Loans, Taxation, Accounting, Corruption, Water, Global Warming, and Administration. Further, she has taught thousands of competitive aspirants how to attempt 20-mark questions in the paper for years. She is also the only CA teacher in Pakistan who has solved the past ten years of CA past papers and gotten them published on Cssprepforum to help her students and thousands of others to learn how they can score the maximum marks in CA papers.

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