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Hamza Asif

Sir Hamza Asif has been teaching information technology and freelancing for over 4 Years in different academic institutes. Being a subject specialist, it has occurred to me that computers play a vital role in the competitive environment. Due to this reason, Sir Hamza has been teaching student’s information technology for one paper for over two years. There are multiple levels in competitive exams for the students. It is important to understand that all the subjects play a very important role in competitive exams. Technology has been growing and improving daily. In the past few years, Pakistan has also been developing and increasing the use of technology, as seen in the police reforms. However, most of the students have been not focusing on computers and it is not their fault. One of the common reasons is Pakistan's education system. Pakistan's education system lacks the education of information technology. Most of the time students do not focus on the use of the computer. Due to this reason, in one paper exam, students fail to understand the use of a computer and its questions in one paper. Therefore it can be easily said that computer plays a vital role in the one paper. One of the many reasons for information technology questions in exams is that Pakistan has been rapidly shifting towards information technology. Nadra, police, and FBR, etc have been shifting towards technology. Therefore it is important for and government employees to understand the computer adequately. Moreover, understanding the computer puts a good impression of students in exams as the given department has put less expanse on an officer's training. That ultimately provides a healthy and effective impression on the student.

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