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Faiqa Azam

Self-development is a prerequisite for achieving one's life goals. It never comes of its own but demands to learn. Faiqa Azam is a student of Sir Syed Kazim Ali. She, a young, enthusiastic, and talented writer - is unique in approaching nature and seeking truth through her writings. She researches and explores different niches related to social facts, interesting events and their impacts on an individual’s personality. The way she writes about self-development stands her from others. In addition, she presents reality-based analysis, which proves beneficial for the readers in practical dimensions to improve their personalities. Besides, in writing, she believes in ingenuity based on logical analysis of facts and figures that integrates nature’s philosophical understanding and phenomenon. At the same time, she gives futuristic insight and solutions to the world on specific issues as a visioner. Along with writing quality material, she has great taste in book reading. Therefore, her unique and distinct writing style, which is portrayed in her writings, distinguishes her from other bloggers and writers. If you are also interested in knowing different, unique aspects, especially related to different personalities and natural phenomena, follow her on

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