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Auzair Mehmood

Auzair Mehmood is a student of Sir Syed Kazim Ali. He is a geologist by profession. He joined CSS and PMS Extensive English Essay and Precis Course and learnt the art of English essay writing. Under Sir Kazim's guidance, he successfully qualified for the PMS KPK exam. Moreover, he is one of the known bloggers and researchers in Pakistan. His research-oriented blogs and exemplary write-ups make him stand at the top among national bloggers. Besides being a tourist, he has travelled across Pakistan. He explores and writes about different niches: science, technology, environment, society, travel etc., and attractively writes them, helping his readers and followers decide the best where to go, what to buy, and when to spend. Apart from them, he has taught Geography and Environmental Science to university students.
Uzair Mehmood

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