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Amna Shafique

Amna Shafique, a student of Sir Syed Kazim Ali, is serving as Excise & Taxation Inspector in Punjab Excise Taxation & Narcotics Control Department. She has scored the highest marks in International Law and Public Administration in CSS Exams, i.e. 80 and 79 respectively. Besides this, she has had the privilege of being a teacher for many years. She has been one of the famous teachers at Howfiv, where she builds her students concepts and helps them write in a way that can help them score above 80. She is committed to providing her students with a loving and sound foundation for learning of competitive examinations, i.e. CSS and PMS. At Howfiv Forum, we know that written communication skills are most important for a CSS aspirant, and we strive to create and maintain an environment where an aspirant can thrive and excel in Competitive exams, by learning writing skills and comprehensive knowledge, about the subjects of International Law and Public Administration.

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