How Will ChatGPT Make CSS And PMS Aspirants Suffer More?

How Will ChatGPT Make CSS And PMS Aspirants Suffer More? By Miss Nirmal Hasni

Aspirants Will Suffer More Due To ChatGPT | Daily Writeup | Opinions

In recent years, most professionals have tilted their minds towards using newly emerging artificial intelligence search engines. Students, teachers, businessmen, freelancers, researchers, and academic personnel have started using a novel Chatbot, ChatGPT, in their professions, making writing easy for people the way they want within seconds. Unfortunately, the overuse and misuse of advanced AI tools have created a lot of disturbance and vagueness in people’s professional and formal work. Confined to the competitive examinations’ aspirants, especially Central Superior Services (CSS) and Provincial Management Services (PMS), ChatGPT has killed students’ creativity and mental growth because they do not think or analyze a topic or an issue. In addition, once students find it easy to just click what they want, they are cut off from researching and exploring new things. Further, complete evidence, emotional arguments, and limited information are a few bad habits, seen in the writings and knowledge of the new CSS and PMS examination aspirants. Evidently, one of the challenging tasks in CSS and PMS examinations for the aspirants is to crack an English essay; unfortunately, they try to read and learn the essay pattern that is full of improper structure with irrelevant information and language mistakes from ChatGPT, which results in their failure in this paper. Thus, all CSS and PMS aspirants must refrain from using such tools; moreover, CSS and PMS are a long journey, requiring much struggle and relevant information. It is the only way to make your dream come true.  

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Let’s start with a brief introduction to ChatGPT. It is a search engine with some advanced features, such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Bing, etc. It provides information quickly, efficiently, and to the point, which is asked by people. In contrast, other search engines offer different websites that allow their readers to filter it out by themselves and get their desired information. Further, ChatGPT has made life easy for students, teachers, and researchers. In fact, within a month, it gets millions of subscribers. However, its information needs to be updated; thus, the movements after 2021 are not available on this search engine. When someone asks for the latest information, it apologizes in a way, “As an AI tool, its data is only programmed till 2021.” Interestingly, it is the most used and trending Chabot in the history of technology and science. 

Sadly, some challenging issues have been created because of overreliance on ChatGPT. One of its worst affectees is students, especially CSS and PMS aspirants. To begin with, all fresh aspirants have just started preparation for the examination, and undoubtedly, they have a lot of confusion and questions regarding the competitive examinations. While overcoming all their confusion, they are just trying to clear all their queries with the help of ChatGPT. Moreover, most try to clarify any subject’s basic concept, directly affecting their creativity. This is one of the significant reasons that, in modern times, students’ creativity has been marred by the overuse of technology. In fact, the AI search engine provides a plethora of information, but it can never give the basic concept and creativity about a particular topic or a subject. 

Similarly, the data provided by the Chatbots need to be more research-based and evident. However, the CSS and PMS examination required much research, relevant information, and knowledge about different topics, such as politics, economy, society, international relations, technology, globalization, etc. The most challenging thing in these examinations is that most students fail because they require research-based knowledge and valid arguments. Moreover, many students never qualify for the examinations because of this paper. They write a lot of information in their essay but cannot convince the examiner. Consequently, they fail, but always avoid this reason what they have done with themselves. Undoubtedly, the failing ratio might be increased due to the overuse of AI. 

Next to it, ChatGPT provides false pieces of evidence, quotations, and statistics when someone asks it. Students collect evidence from the AI and must learn that such evidence is irrelevant to their examination. Furthermore, ChatGPT gives emotional information, indicating that it is not 100% accurate. For instance, a Canadian University researched it, and when students negated the information the AI gave, the AI apologized and accepted that its data was incorrect. Therefore, it is clear that searching too much on it can deviate the AI language tool from relevancy; consequently, one can never notice, whether it is correct. As far as CSS and PMS examinations are concerned, the examiner never accepts emotional and subjective evidence. 

Moreover, in modern times, the overuse of technology and social media has shattered their focus and mindfulness. Social media distracts students from their studies because of its overuse. Similarly, getting information from AI might need to be corrected. On the other hand, people who study authentic books and newspapers are focused and have patience. And ChatGPT and other search websites give diverse information that students cannot retain. It only clears the basics of a topic, which might be correct or incorrect. Thus, little knowledge and little information give students shortsightedness when judging the scenarios, while research-based knowledge from authentic resources gives them a broader vision and way of thinking. 

     Putting all difficulties in mind, emotional, incomplete, and short knowledge reflexes in most students’ writings. However, emotional evidence or arguments in formal essays are subjective and unrealistic. In the CSS journey, students try to get a short way and clear the examination, for which they read easy and irrelevant material from AI tools. Consequently, they fail and never notice the blunder they had done with themselves. In fact, the CSS examination is not just for judging people’s knowledge or information; it is the examination of nerves and way of thinking. Further, it makes aspirants and bureaucrats more rational and logical in their personality because the country’s future belongs to them. Thus, emotional and irrational approaches can never make them future bureaucrats if they blindly use such sources for preparation. 

Last but not least, the most crucial and challenging task for aspirants in CSS and PMS examinations is English essays and précis papers. Students can never understand the very essence of these papers. In the former, the examiner expects aspirants to write a research-based essay with evidence and correct grammar on any given topic. Unfortunately, with the trending use of ChatGPT, CSS aspirants are trying to understand the writing method of essays while using AI. However, such tools can never provide an accurate and correct standard of essay writing. Moreover, some students try to memorize a few essays from ChatGPT; sadly, they do not know that sometimes it never gives correct grammar or even a complete sentence. Making mistakes in articulation, sentence structure, opinions, and grammar in AI might be possible. Consequently, such errors and mistakes are reflected in students’ write-ups, and they blame their educational institutions. 

Therefore, it is pertinent for students to avoid social media and authentic sources while preparing for all kinds of competitive examinations. The best suggestion for them is to consult the relevant material related to the CSS syllabus. For this purpose, they must read research articles considered the best sources for information, knowledge, and arguments from authentic websites and think tanks, which built their knowledge bank base. In addition, they should present their ideas in healthy community discussion rounds to mature their thoughts and grab different peoples’ perspectives, boosting their information to another level, polishing their ideas, and improving their writing expressions. All in all, these are the best ways to be more precise, accurate, and productive, and, above all, all students must avoid ChatGPT, an AI search engine, as it kills human creativity and rationality.  

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