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Written by Anum Saba

“Where there is a will, there is a way” is a well-known saying. It means that everything is possible in this world, provided one has the necessary will power and determination to do it. In other words, nothing is impossible in this world provided it is backed by a strong will, constant efforts, and unshakable faith.

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Man is different from all other living beings. His desires are innumerable and ever-increasing. He undertakes a number of activities in order to satisfy his desires. But in practical life, one sees that all the desires are not fulfilled. On proper analysis, one would discover that most of the unfulfilled desires were just wishes. A close examination will reveal that one did not make sustained efforts to fulfil the wishes. There is no reason why one should not succeed if one works with full determination for achieving one’s cherished objective. It is said that God helps those who help themselves.

Let us understand that “Will” does not mean a “Wish.” We wish so many things, but when it comes to giving practical shape to our wishes, we find lack of determination and will-power. A wish can be described as a will only if it is supported by strong determination and will-power. Will is a strong desire. It is backed by the firmness of purpose and resolution. Means are not so important in the fulfilment of strong desire. What is relevant and basic value is the inflicting determination to reach the goal or achieve the objective. Fulfilment of will presupposes hurdles and also sacrifices to tide them over or face them undaunted. Without such firm resolution and unshakable determination to achieve the objective and also the preparedness to suffer and make sacrifices, it will remain a simple desire or wish.

In our life, we give up many things considering them as very difficult or impossible. Sometimes we show some courage and start some work. But even the slightest difficulty makes us nervous and we leave it there. Lives of great men teach us that there is nothing impossible in this world. Napoleon went to the extent of saving that the word impossible did not exist in his dictionary. The story of Robert Bruce and the Spider is a good example of crowning victory as a result of sustained efforts.

It is an example of lack of determination if a poor student reconciles himself to the fact that he cannot take higher education because of his poverty. The life story of Dr Allama Umar bin Daud Poto may be cited as a case, where he managed to get higher education even though he was a poor boy. But he had a determination and tenacity of purpose. The reason why many students fail in the examinations is not that the examinations are difficult to pass, but that they do not possess a determination, and they do not work hard for achieving their objective. A student can get distinction in an examination provided he has a strong desire to do so. His desire must be backed by strong resolution and hard labour.

We generally see that people start work with great enthusiasm. But when some obstacles come in the way, they do not have the determination to face them, rather they feel disappointed and disheartened. The result is that they give up the work. They complain of obstacles. But as a matter of fact, if one examines such cases, one would come to the conclusion that despite the obstacles some way could have been found if the persons concerned had possessed a strong will.

There are countless examples in history to show how a strong will enabled the person to achieve the objectives they had set before them. Abraham Lincoln rose to the position of the President of the U.S.A. by his sustained efforts and strong determination. Tenzing was born in a poor family, but he had a strong desire to scaling Mount Everest. The key to his success was his steel determination and continuous effort. The case of Disraeli may be described as a case of continuous and hard labour. He was a complete failure when he first spoke in the British Parliament. People laughed at him. Only a sustained and determined effort enabled him to become one of the greatest orators in the world. Columbus would have not been able to discover America without a resolute determination.

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In Pakistan, we have many problems: socio-economic and communal. They are difficult no doubt, but they are the result of utter lack of determination on the part of the people to solve them. If the people of Pakistan make up their mind and work hard with a will these problems can be solved in no time.

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