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A crucial skill today, writing holds great perspectives for adults and children alike. However, its importance increases manifolds when it comes to kids because that age is when writing basics are cemented. In case writing skills are not focused on in children, the results are seen in reports claiming only a few of every 100 students in the country know how to write.

Writing is a vital skill in the fast-paced 21st century. It enables you to effectively convey your thoughts, emotions, and innermost feelings to your reader. Owing to this very importance of the skill, institutes worldwide, like Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, etc., have all started focusing on it by including it in their regular courses and introducing specialized courses, especially for young children. But unfortunately, in Pakistan, not much progress has been observed for the cause. Besides the millions of out-of-school kids, even those who do get to go to school are also unable to write effectively.

So, to counter this wretched condition, Howfiv – the Biggest LMS of Pakistan – under the guidance of Sir Syed Kazim Ali – has brought forth Storyious, a platform for your kids in grades 5-7 to learn to express themselves effectively. The motive behind the project is to allow the children a safe space to explore their capabilities, make mistakes, and grow after learning from them without any negative academic pressure. In addition to focusing on writing, the project would offer the children a chance to develop and polish their cognitive abilities with the help of various exciting writing prompts and ideas. They will also indulge in activities that enhance their soft skills, like teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking, via group and individual game-based learning and enrich their imagination through carefully crafted activities. Also, having been designed under the supervision of Sir Syed Kazim Ali and several child behaviour experts, the course would help the children grow in their morals and love for the country. They would learn more about science and maths and their cultural and religious values through writing on various niches.

The need for such a course arose after parents contacted Howfiv, asking for a creative way to indulge children in academic activities. When children sway away from writing and intellectual growth, they get carried away in unproductive activities like gaming and chatting. Hence, there was a dire need to bring them towards an activity that would allow them to simultaneously enjoy and grow academically, morally, and intellectually. Working along these lines, Storyious aims initially to enhance the kids’ imagination and then to push them to think out of the box so that they may come up with creative ideas. Afterwards, the kids would be made to pen down their thoughts with the help of their newly polished imaginative skills and command of grammar. Thereafter, as a token of appreciation, their write-ups would be published on the Storyious website for their parents, friends, and families to see. This would likely initiate a domino effect for other children their age to leave gaming on the gadgets and instead download MS Word to flex their writing muscles.

Want to join the course? The course will start on July 14, 2023, at 6 p.m. Fill the form given below for admission to the course

Coming to the course details, being the best-designed course, it would also be taught by the best faculty in town. Miss Syeda Saba Gilani – Pakistan’s Top English Grammar Coach and a student of Sir Syed Kazim Ali – would teach your kids grammar in a way no one else would have taught them. The children would learn about the nature of words, phrases, and sentences and get all their grammar rules right with extensive yet interesting practice exercises and discussions with their peers. Once they have learnt the nature of words, they would move on to the next step, i.e. writing. Here, another coach, Miss Minahil Mohsin – also a student of Sir Syed Kazim Ali – would teach them the art of playing with words by guiding them on how to write stories. The students would learn how to come up with interesting characters and develop their plots, all while giving coherent words to their thoughts, which would keep their readers hooked.

Course Details

Coaches Names Sir Syed Kazim Ali
Miss Syeda Saba
Miss Minahil Mohsin
Course Availability  March, May, July, October, and January
Course Timings  Afternoon (After 2 pm)
Course Starts On July 14, 2023
Lecture Modality Online (via Zoom)
Lecture per Week 3
Course Duration 2 to 3 Months
Available Seats 10 to 20
Class Size  15 Students
Course Fee Rs. 5,000/M
Fee Concession  
Admins’ WhatsApp No# 0335-8651525

What will the kids learn in this course?

As the course is specifically designed for elementary students, you will learn the following in the class.

  • ✓ Parts of Speech Identification
  • ✓ Parts of Speech Usage
  • ✓ English Grammar (Basic)
  • ✓ Sentence Structuring
  • ✓ Tenses and their Usage
  • ✓ Basics of Paragraph Writing
    • Topic Sentence
    • Supporting Details
    • Cohesion and Continuity
    • Conclusion
  • ✓ Story Writing
    • Reading
    • Backstory and Motivations
    • Character Development
    • Plot Evolution
    • Morals
    • Collaborative Story-Telling
    • Real-life Stories
    • Peer Reviews
    • Feedback
  • ✓ Journal Writing
    • Reflection
    • Gratitude
    • Expressive and Therapeutic Writing
  • ✓ Creative Writing on Thought-Provoking Prompts

What else do we offer via the course?

  • ✓ Building the Spirit of Patriotism
  • ✓ Working On the Kids’ Connection with The Almighty through Islamic Stories and Asma ul Husna
  • ✓ Enriching Soft Skills, Like Teamwork and Leadership
  • ✓ Improving Observation, Imagination, and Brainstorming
  • ✓ Fostering The Habit of Healthy Recreational Reading
  • ✓ Boosting Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
  • ✓ Cultivating the Practice of Self-Reflection
  • ✓ Building the Confidence to Engage in Productive Discussions and Public Speaking
  • ✓ Promoting Language Fluency
  • … and much more

How to Join the Course

To join the course, you must enrol your kid by filling out the following form.


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