How Onion Juice Makes Your Hair Luscious and Long

A woman seeks confidence as her hair bloom. It is the best accessory that a woman could carry, delineating her entire personality.

Hair is the best accessory that a woman could carry. It is an emblem of beauty, self-esteem, liberation, freedom, and identity. Either symbolic or literal, it has been carving out a woman’s personality for ages. In our community, it is the stereotype that women with not-so-good hair are down-trodden. They seek confidence as their hair bloom. It’s their crown and should be well embellished. Following this trend, they usually pour their money down the drain by buying such products, which bring them no good. Instead, their extravagance, lack of knowledge, and urge to look best bring them to hot water. They fall prey to many leading brands who put them off the scent by misguiding them. It is now a pressing priority to procure the problem and then get the right treatment. As people are now more inclined towards chemical-based products instead of organic. This blog gives you information regarding your hair composition, essential nutrients for your hair, and how you can get them from natural ingredients.

While talking about the composition, hair is made up of a protein known as Keratin, which is enriched with high content of Sulphur, which is its core. Sulfur strengthens the protein, which in turn makes hair immensely strong. It maintains elasticity and texture. Sulfur has the potential to prolong the growing phase of your hair cycle. It is essential for the composition of amino acids, protein, vitamins, enzymes, hair, skin, nails, e.t.c. Overviewing its uses, you can tell how crucial sulfur is to your body, especially hair.

Now the most important question is how you can obtain sulfur? Sulfur naturally occurs in your environment. You can obtain it from various organic foods like fish, beef, eggs, asparagus, garlic, onion, and broccoli. Among them, the most effective thing for your hair is onion juice.

Onion juice is considerably known to enhance hair growth and preserve its natural texture. It is rich in sulfur content and nourishes your hair to its core. Moreover, it aids in treating split ends and hair breakage. The first research was made in 2002, where onion juice was applied to a patient’s scalp suffering from Alopecia areata. Regrowth of hair was seen in 73.9% of the patients. Fortunately, it is abundant and easily accessible. Furthermore, it induces hair growth by boosting the level of the antioxidant enzyme catalase. Catalase reduces the level of hydrogen peroxide, which causes graying and damage to your hair. Onion juice, hence, provides an essential nutrient to your hair, sulfur.

How to obtain and apply onion juice? I know this question is popping up in your head. The solution and remedy are simple. You have to follow the steps, and you are good to go.

Step 1:
Peel and grind onion and turn it into a paste

Step 2:
Sieve it through a cotton cloth. So only its juice pour down in the container.

Step 3:
Take a spray bottle and add onion juice to it. Now spray it entirely over your hair from roots to tips. Wait for approximately 45 min and then wash it off.
As the smell of onion is quite pungent, you can also add a few drops of essential oils to relieve its smell.

After the wash, you would feel a remarkable difference in your hair. It would be more bouncy, attractively shiny, and smooth in texture. With its continuous use, you would feel a notable change in length, strength, and texture. So, use your gumption wisely in selecting and applying products and natural ingredients to your body. And remember: Wisely invest in your hair for it is the only crown that you would never take off.

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About Maheen Fatima:

Maheen Fatima is a medical imaging technologist, graduated from King Edward Medical University Lahore. Along with her renowned diagnostic degree, she loves to write on fashion, beauty, and health. Hence, the perfect amalgam of medical and beauty is really a helpful tool in carving out new possibilities in fields of both fashion and diagnostic medicine. She has been working as a beauty influencer for a long. Therefore, she knows what and where’s the spot to hit on. Moreover, she knows well how fashion should be dragged along with the hectic daily routine. It should neither overshadow your personality nor suppress your thoughts; rather, it should only evolve, groom, and enchant you. It’s a cliché that beauty was abstract, but now it’s personified. Besides, her innate fashion sense, her exposure to all local and branded beauty products, her skincare regime, and health tips will for sure be a guideline for all those girls struggling to cope up In this world where fashion can be bought, but she is here to tell you that Style is something that anyone can possess.

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