A Few Astonishing Facts about Science

Written By Ambar Fiaz

Science is a precise enterprise that builds and projects knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. It is a kind of archaeology for the future and has no defined limits and boundaries. Why don’t many people enjoy science? Personally, I guess it has something to do with science communication and the way it is taught in schools. One should explore science as it is actually very interesting and is the essence of one’s being.

Taking that into consideration, here are a couple of fascinating facts about science that will definitely inspire you to learn more about science every day.

Why astronauts carry a triple-barreled pistol?

Astronauts carry a triple-barreled pistol during their space mission. They use it for their protection, not from aliens but Siberian wildlife while landing. They can also use these pistols to produce audio or anguish signals, whenever needed.

How pigeon’s poop is used in the United Kingdom?

 In the United Kingdom, a pigeon’s poop is considered as the attribute of a diadem. It is used to make gunpowder. In the 18th century, King George 1 introduced this method for the very first time. It is a great and useful invention for the people of the country. 

Who introduced wheels on the chair for the very first time?

Charles Darwin was the first person to introduce wheels on the chair. He introduced this idea because he wanted to move from one place to another for his research purpose.

What do the feet of a horse statute actually reveal? 

Feet of a horse in statutes reveal few amazing facts about how the rider died.

A) If both feet of a horse are in the air, it indicates its rider experienced natural death.     

B) If front legs of the horse are in the air, then rider died in warfare. C) If one leg of the horse is in the air, it tells us rider died of a lesion in a war.

An astonishing fact found about Penguins.

The bones of Penguins found in Seymour Island divulge a certainty; they were 6ft tall around 40 million years ago. They were termed as Mega Penguin.

Ghost marriages still exist in a few countries.

Although ghost marriages are prevalent all over the world, they are most dominant in China and France. The people of China and France thought the deceased soul should remain with a partner, even afterlife. It’s about 3000-year-old usance, which we can still see in China.

An amazing fact about a newborn baby’s vision

Newborn babies can only see a black and white image of the world till one month of their birth. The reason behind it is their retinal nerves are not fully formed yet.  

Is the growth of non-living things possible?  

Did you ever hear about the growth of a non-living thing? Well, it happens, Eiffel tower grows up to 6ft in summer. It is because metal expands due to rising in temperature.

Never stop questioning, never stop learning. To learn, to discover, and to publish is the destiny of a writer. So keep learning and keep writing such exciting facts. Thanks for reading. I hope it was a joyful and informative read. Share this blog with your friends, family, and wait for my next blog.

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